Life Is Strange 1 – The Storm

I’ve played Life is Strange 3 : True Colours which made me go back and find the previous 2 releases. So I thought to myself, why not start with the first game, released waaay back in 2013.

The main theory behind this game is that of the butterfly effect – a change in timelines caused by a single butterfly which happened to be captured on a polaroid camera in a bathroom – turned into a massive tornado just five days after threatening the very existence of an entire town.

Max Caulfield is an aspiring photographer currently enrolled in highschool. With that, comes a lot of high school drama, romances, catty girls and obsessive weirdos.

And a lot of time travel. And a bit of girl-on-girl love.

Do you know what the problem is with making decisions which could very easily be overturned by going back in time? You’re never 100% sure anymore. What if the other path would have resulted in a different outcome further on down the road? What if taking a gun here could have saved somebody’s life later on?

For me, I tried to make the same decisions that I would personally make placed in the same circumstances. So, for a while, I was Max and I altered the past and the future. When it comes to a game, that was a massive undertaking – making me feel fully imersed.

I loved the fact that you could investigate and analyse different hints, not all of them relevant to the story but very relevant to world-building. Arcadia Bay was real to me, filled with people who loved pancakes, who worked tough jobs and who might have had some hidden motives.

I loved little mousey Kate and even bitchy Victoria, queen of the mean girls. I hated Nathan with a passion and gave him a brutal beating via Warren when the opportunity presented itself to me. And I fell in love with Chloe. I know Warren was also available as a romantic option and I do feel like I lead him on a little promising to go to the movies with him “Go Ape!” but Chloe, she was special.

It doesn’t help that we have a loose psychopath in the mix, and no, it’s not Nathan Prescott, the disturbed and rich progeny of the town’s biggest family name.

My Favourite Moments: (or the ones that made me a little bit sad)

Going back in time to save Chloe’s dad’s life has painful consequences as Chloe in this timeline is paralysed after a terrible accient and becomes a burden on her parents. She still has her dad but the quality of her life has decreased significantly.

When she asked that Max chooses to terminate her life rather than go on living, I was in tears as I pulled the plug.
I really liked the photos you could take in different areas. The squirrels, the whales, the odd birds. You get to be Max and see the world through her lens
Rachel and Frank. Yes, Chloe and Rachel were together but so was Rachel and Frank the drug dealer. She was using but through Frank’s journal I saw a happy Rachel and he didn’t force her to do anything.
Dark room photos were terrifying
I can feel why Kate Marsh was so upset. She was drugged and photographed against her will
Rachel in the dark room made me feel so sad for her. This was the first link between her and Nathan


I do have a small confession, I knew who the killer was before I started this game and I knew I was going to be in a position to make a choice between killing Chloe or killing an entire village. What I wasn’t expecting was how HARD this choice was when it actually came. I knew that I would have to kill Chloe for the good of the many and the purgatory Max was in with all the people begging not to be killed in the diner really struck a chord.

My reasoning is – what’s one life against the lives of hundreds? Chloe was a dead-beat drop-out, with no direction and she dies multiple times through the game. She would have died when the train came, she would have died when a bullet richoched on the range, she would have died when confronting Frank and she got shot in the head at the end of chapter 4. She was never meant to survive this week, from the start in the bathroom till the end on the cliff. It’s the timeline trying to snuff out the anomaly.

But when I had to pick, I really really hesitated. Here’s the choice when Chloe lives:

At the end, I really loved this game and I can’t wait to play the second in the series.

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