Dark Chocolate and Death * Samantha Silver

I will always remember November sixth as being one of the worst days of my life. I think what made it worse is that it wasn’t one of those days that you could see coming. There was no warning. One day, I was Megan Numa: twenty-eight-year-old student studying to be a Healer at one of the most prestigious universities in the paranormal world, Spellford. The next, I was Megan Numa: twenty-eight-year-old pariah daughter of two business owners who had just been arrested for fraud back home in Pacific Cove, a small paranormal village on the Oregon coast

Megan Numa is supposed to have her life all figured out, until a single phone call flips her entire world upside down.

When her parents are arrested for fraud, Megan drops her Healer studies at Spellford, the most prestigious university in the paranormal world, and rushes back to Pacific Cove to be with her two sisters and help run the family business, a local chocolate factory.

Pacific Cove was a small town of about two thousand paranormals, set right on the Pacific coast. In the human world, we would be halfway between Portland and Eugene. But, of course, all of the paranormal towns were magically enchanted, so it was impossible for humans to see or get to them . The primary portal in town was right on the beach, only steps away from both the main road and the ocean. I stepped off the portal—a huge old piece of driftwood that had been sitting on the beach for years and years—and immediately made my way home . Pacific Cove was a cute little town. The tallest building was the chocolate factory my parents owned, at three stories tall, and it was way in the back of town, backing against a small hill, so it was hidden and unobtrusive to the overall skyline. Most of the buildings down here by the beach were single-story wooden bungalows, which were painted in seriously bright colors. The local bakery, for example, was bright blue, next to a bright yellow gift shop and a bright pink clothing.

But things go from bad to worse when she stumbles across the body of one of the employees the next day, and it turns out he’s been murdered.

With the family reputation in tatters and everyone in town thinking Megan is a murderer, she and her sisters decide to take matters into their own hands and find the killer. The three of them find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of an investigation that takes them to Western Woods, but are Megan and her sisters flying too close to the sun? Will they find the real killer and save the family’s reputation before they find themselves in jail along with their parents – or worse?


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