Riding the Edge (The Wild Riders Series)

Wild Rider Rick Benetti has been tasked with keeping watch over a senator’s daughter Ava Vargas. She’s joined the Hellraisers, a biker gang suspected of drug smuggling. Not a hard assignment for Rick—Ava is beautiful and fun, and he’s looking forward to getting up close and personal with his charge.

Ava has zero interest in bikers, and only infiltrated the biker gang since her best friend dropped out of grad school and lost herself in this group. Getting close to her bestie again is the only way to rescue her. But riding with hot biker Rick turns out to be more exciting than Ava could have ever imagined.

When Rick realizes he’s fallen for Ava, he knows he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it costs him his job—or his life.

At 150 pages, I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece but hey, someone always has to start somewhere. Very unpromising start though!

Rick Benetti had been fucked, and not in the fun way. No potential to shoot the bad guys, no uncovering a drug smuggling ring or going after gunrunners—he’d gotten the babysitting job instead. God forbid he should get a kick-ass assignment like the other Wild Riders.

The writing is clipped, there are no real paragraphs and while the author attempts to write in first person voice, she fails to actually set the scene before doing so. Welcome to Bad Writing 101.

Bo had always been a badass. Kind of like himself—a badass with delusions of grandeur. General Lee had kicked that out of Rick. Made him a team player. Bo, though, that was another matter. Bo hadn’t had the benefit of General Lee’s firm but fair guidance.

Maybe the Hellraisers had cleaned up their act in the ten years Rick had been out of the picture. But from the intelligence he’d gotten from General Lee at Wild Riders headquarters, it didn’t look that way. Which was why he’d been given this assignment. First, because he used to be part of this gang and he could get in easier.

And of course, the main heroine has big boobies which give our guy a semi.

She seemed to try to make herself smaller, as if pushing her shoulders forward could make her breasts smaller.

“Honey, you can’t downsize them. They are what they are.” He pulled the jacket edges closer, then finished zipping her up. “They’re really nice, by the way.”

She seemed to relax then, because she laughed. “Thanks. They get in the way a lot.”

“Yeah, but I’ll bet they’re a lot of fun to play with.”

She seemed to consider saying something, but instead she closed her mouth and her lips curled upward in a knowing smile.

It made his dick twitch.



I was already bored and saw where this is going. There’s loads of following, going from place to place, an attempt to create a rugged hero with a heart of gold who just happens to be a motorcycle enthusiast and guess what? I think the target audience for this is bored housewives looking for a bit of adventure who like the bad-boy trope.

I was so close to the finish and I could barely keep my eyes from rolling when they broke apart but then came together again. The ending made me sick a little.

“I told you, babe, I think you have something to offer. Look what you did for me. I never believed in love until I met you.”
Tears filled her eyes. “I think you underestimate yourself. You’re not the only one who never believed in love, who never felt loved. For the first time in my life, I want to fill a house with warmth and love and I have you to thank for that.”
Rick took her hands and pulled her onto his lap. “I guess we can teach each other.”

Yeah, I think I’ll give future books a miss.

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