Rune 2 Game Review

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A berserker viking and his psychopathic sidekicks travel to Midgard for bloody, mushroom-tripping escapades leading to a showdown with Loki. Hack, slice, disembowel, sever limbs and F&%K S#!T up in this must-play RPG.

Rune II is the long-awaited sequel to the action/adventure/RPG Human Head Studios released almost nineteen years ago for PC.
First announced two years ago as Rune: Ragnarok, Rune II is now approaching its debut time since it’s scheduled to launch this Summer on the Epic Games Store. Earlier this week we hopped on a conference call with Human Head Co-Founder and Project Lead Chris Rhinehart for a veritable deep dive that begun with the business decision to accept Epic’s deal but went much further, detailing almost every aspect of the game itself. We also learned that Human Head is currently experimenting with ray tracing, so there is a chance it’ll be added to Rune II later on.

Combat has been improved. That’s the core of the game, it’s the core of what you do. There’s been a lot more polish, a lot more actions you can do with the different weapons, a lot more weapons themselves, and the overall pacing of the game has improved. Rune II is quite a difficult game, intentionally, but it’s very rewarding. The narrative has been greatly improved as well in terms of just how the overall story is told and how it’s presented to the player. The world has also gotten a lot larger, I believe we basically doubled the size of the world in terms of the amount of content you can explore and the number of islands. This world has been affected by Ragnarok, so there’s a lot of islands throughout the world, from very tiny ones that have cool little secrets or a special recipe you might learn to much larger islands where there’s a lot more area to explore and a lot more things to encounter. The other big thing that we’ve improved since then is we’ve added the Ages system. And what that is story wise….Loki freed himself from his shackles, then he’s kind of taken over the entire world of Midgard. He doesn’t want to die because in the Ragnarok story Loki dies at the end, but he found a way to circumvent that and he’s basically resetting time. When I say that, Rune II isn’t a roguelike, meaning everything isn’t reset, you don’t lose all of your gear, you don’t lose all of your progression. But each time you try to encounter and try to kill Loki, because that’s the ultimate goal, each time you try to kill him, if you fail, the world will reset and a new Age begins. These Ages have different attributes to them, both positive and negative.

There are, there’s like little stories you can find throughout the world in the form of lore stones, which have information about events that happened during Ragnarok or about the characters that are there. And so they’re little stories you find around the world, but you know, there are some players who are really into story and want to discover and learn all the possible lore. One thing that we’ve done with these lore stones is that there’s also typically a recipe attached to it, which means that when you read the lore stone, you’ll learn how to build something or craft a certain weapon or a certain piece of equipment. So there’s a reward for doing that if you’re more of a completionist type of player that just wants to find the coolest loot and the coolest gear.

You can block attacks with your weapon or if you don’t have a weapon, you can block with your arm as well, though I wouldn’t recommend blocking with your arm. But you can do that, it’ll mitigate some of the damage, but you will still take a certain amount of damage and get knocked back. But it’s better to do that than to do nothing. Yeah, but you can block with your weapons. Blocking with a weapon will reduce the weapon’s durability. Weapons don’t break when the durability is exhausted, what will happen is their effectiveness just goes down.


Which god will you choose to champion in Midgard to race against time and stop Loki? Will you choose to align with the mighty Thor and call forth the power of his lightning hammer? Or will you pledge your allegiance to the dark Hel to cast a wave of ice spikes to impale your foes? Perhaps summoning a swarm of ravens blessed by Odin to attack and antagonize enemies on the battlefield suits you best? Watch the trailer and decide which deity you will choose when RUNE II released on November 12, 2019.

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