Life is Strange 3 : True Colours

I’ve just finished the epic Life is Strange: True Colours and I freaking loved it. I mean the synopsis looked kind of lame: Kid who has the power of an empath investigates the murder of her brother – but when I actually got down to the nitty gritty, it was so full of emotion and you had so many options that took you to different places and even different lovers.

I loved the grief analysis with all its stages, the acceptance, the rage and the bargaining. Charlotte’s sculpture along with her reasons for hating people messed me up a little. I made the only choice I’m sad about during the whole game. I decided to take away her anger and absorb it and it came back to bite me as she was never the same again – she never showed too much emotion afterwards.

I loved the LARP part (Live Action Role Playing) and how well Ethan felt after he had completed all the quests. There were some fun bits in it too when Alex flirts with both the snake monster and the witch, showing her preference for both men and women. In the end, I let her end up with the hunky lumberjack but man, Steph was a close call.

The plot twist came as a surprise in the end but to be fair, there were a few tell-tale signs as Jed’s aura was always red, with the exception of the spring festival when it was gold among his peers.


The Ending

Right at the end, you get to choose what you want to do with Alex’s life. Stay in town or leave. If you choose to stay, the ghost of her dead brother gives her a sneak peak of how her life would end up. Working in the record store as Steph leaves, singing for the small crowds of small folk, a fan club of one sexy member. But what if she leaves the town? On her own or with the hot lumberjack or with Steph.


You can dress up Alex Chen in different outfits, but she seems to go mostly for hoodies and loose clothing.

I really loved this jumper!

The songs are also amazing. I mean that rendition of Radiohead’s creep in the first chapter gave me goosebumps. It’s only one of many but it’s sooo good!

The diary – it’s so full of poetry, songs, emotion and insight. You can tell that whoever wrote in it was a sensitive soul. Each colour represents one emotion. Blue for sadness and fear, red for anger, purple for anxiety.



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