Turnover and Die – Tegan Maher

As the owner of the town’s best diner and Blissful Bites, it’s most popular bakery, Dee knew the ins and outs of managing food service deliveries in a small town. More importantly, she knew all the local food sources, because that’s what she served in her restaurant. She’d inherited a struggling greasy spoon (emphasis on greasy) when her aunt had been murdered, and in the six months since had managed to turn it into a great place to get good food. She’d also helped me open up Mercy Lodge, which is where it all began, so to speak. Seven months before, I’d been at a crossroads. I was freshly divorced, and not only had I lost a husband, but all of our friends in Florida, where we’d lived, had been his friends first. Buying the lodge was the best bad decision I’d ever made, and I wouldn’t change anything if I could.

When a beloved elder of the culinary community turns up dead at a cooking competition, it’s up to Toni and her new circle of friends to solve the mystery before an innocent woman goes to prison!

Turnover and Die

After 5 or so chapters of talks about renovations and brownies, the story does seem to pick up a little

“We need to follow up on that suspect list.” “First, we have to finish breakfast. I don’t think there’s anything we can do before then, anyway.”

Nope, wrong, 5 more chapters of inane banter and chatting and love-building and I’ve realised I’m in a bored-housewife murder mystery list and that’s probably why I’m now trying not to yawn as I’m waiting for something to happen. This is not a fast-paced book at all. And there’s so much mundane crap going on that I really don’t care if they do or don’t solve the murder. Between investigations, they have time to go into a culinary contest..

idiot. He thinks he’s God’s gift to baking, but I’ve got some news for him. Sausage doesn’t go in coffeecake. Just ignore him. If you keep cooking like you did yesterday, you’re good to go. Remember, in these things, it’s not necessarily critical to come out on top in the beginning. Just don’t come in at the bottom. You’ll have plenty of time to show what you’ve got, but you’ve got to make it past the initial cullings first.”

I’m so close to the finish but I can’t get myself to keep the interest going.

This is a DNF 1/5


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