From The Inferno (Firemen Do It Better Book 3) * Leah Sharelle

He looked to be about in his early to mid-thirties although I was never good at judging the age of a person so I could have been wrong. But it was his eyes and gorgeous face that held me captive. The brightest eyes glistened back at me, a colour so blue they resembled the waters of a lagoon I once saw in Florida. He had a chin that was strong and chiselled, a straight nose, and dark blond hair that was longer on the top and shaved on the sides. But it was his body that made my mouth go suddenly dry. Not that his looks weren’t drool-worthy, because they were, but damn, the way his wide shoulders and upper chest tapered into his waist… The tight shirt he wore didn’t hide his shredded physique in any way, the material clinging to every muscle, dip, and curve of his washboard abs. The rolled sleeves strained against his biceps, giving me plenty of visionary material for later on when I was alone. Because if I had one weakness, it was a man’s arms.

Oh, and hands. Letting my eyes travel down his arms, I nearly orgasmed right there in the seat. Squeezing my legs together, I swallowed the hum of appreciation for them. Strong and large with long fingers, they had everything I dreamed about. And dreams were all I had because, at twenty-five, I was still a virgin.


Chase Brennan’s life came crashing down on the fateful night his daughter was brutally taken from him.
After following the wrong road for some time, the qualified firefighter, who had never given up that ‘the one’ was just around the corner and would one day find him, returned to the living.
What he didn’t know was how she would appear in his life and just how fast and hard he would fall.
Jamie Lawrence was the darling of the Australian tennis circuit.
For years, she did as she was told, smiled when she had to, and played to win so her parents and coach could live the lifestyle they wanted.
They didn’t care what she wanted or that she was unhappy playing the game she once loved. After a scary altercation that left her running for her life, Jamie hid her celebrity status and landed in a town where her happily ever after was waiting for her.
Would her well-meant game of secrecy, pretending to be someone she wasn’t, lose her the man who made her heart beat faster with just one touch?
Could their love survive the inferno and be ‘game, set, match’ in love?

Damn, girl, why did you have to write a story that gripped me from the first chapter to the last? I was expecting a dreary, eye-roll, cringe-worthy shitty romance novel and instead I got an abusive coach nearly beating his star to death in the first chapter, a runaway girl in the second and a hunky but sensitive man in the remaining ones. This story is one for the ages!

Yes please!


The woman in front of me, now giving me her back, was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on. Even seated, I could see that her legs were toned and long, the denim jeans that looked painted on only highlighting her perfectly muscular limbs—I estimated her height to be close to five-eight or five-nine. Her simple aqua V-necked tee did nothing to hide the perfection of her body or her cleavage. The material stretched across her chest, the deep neckline giving me a hint of the two plump globes.

I had the sudden urge to palm my thickening dick, which was up and happy—something he hadn’t been for a very long while.

He immediately picks up on the fact that she’s in hiding and figures out her real name in like minutes.

“On your rental agreement, you signed Barstowe with an e, but when you wrote down your name and number for me, you spelt it without an e. Seeing as though no one but me will see what you gave me, I suggest you go with an e on the end. Okay, hon? Oh, and maybe hide the sports duffel bag, too, since it proclaims you to be Jamie Lawrence. Someone might pick up on that,” Lake said gently.

So her ruse was up. She gets a job at a nearby cafe and slowly starts to drizzle out the truth about her to Chase and his friends from the fire dept. Things get heated slowly but surely

“It’s Chase. He won’t have sex with me. I mean, I think he wants to—we kiss a lot on his couch in front of the TV. Sometimes he puts on a movie and sometimes football is on, but so are our clothes. He has given me orgasms by grinding into me, and the night before last, he kissed my breasts, and then last night, he lifted my top and took his off so our chests were touching, but I want more than that, you know?”

Yep, he’s a gentleman all right, waiting for the perfect time to take her virginity away.

They engage in some sexy activities once that “issue” is out of the way and some of them did gross me out a little. I get that they’re new lovers and all, but sticking your finger in your girlfriend’s peachy area while she’s at work is kinda crass (and then proceeding to lick that area a bit more). I get that they weren’t actually seen anywhere but dammmn.. food hygiene rating of 0.

Of course the sleazebag from the start of the book is not dead and will come look for his goose with the golden eggs. I just can’t comprehend why she didn’t go to the police and press charges immediately? She was acting in self-defence and the shiners he gave her would have been enough. I suppose victim mentality and the fright of possibly being investigated for murder but hey! Plot.

Her family is a set of miserable c-words as well!

Mum and Dad sold the house I bought with my winnings without a thought of where their daughter was and if she was okay.

There had to be something to stop Colin from mentally abusing females. I prayed that the physical abuse wasn’t something he would do to someone else. My parents didn’t care, but surely others would.

And yes, more dirty sex, more and more explicit

“But fuck, baby, seeing you like this, your slender back arched up, your tits swaying seductively, and this perfect peach-shaped arse all dark pink with my handprint, I want nothing more than to slam my cock into you and hit that deep part of your pussy that will make us a baby.”


Yeah, I noped out soon

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