My Father’s Rich Friend’s Secret Baby by Jamie Knight or a story about child grooming

This is Book 5 in the His Secret Baby series, which are based on theme and can be read alone but are best when binge-read altogether!

1. My Father’s Best Friend’s Secret Baby

  1. My Dad’s Rival’s Secret Baby
  2. My Professor’s Secret Baby
  3. Single Mom’s Secret Baby
  4. My Father’s Rich Friend’s Secret Baby


She’s way too young for me.
But I want to possess her in every way possible.

As a fortunate billionaire, I donate to a local church.
One day I’m re-united with a friend there, from long ago.
But it’s his curvy daughter who really catches my eye.
I tell myself I can’t take her virginity.
And to ignore my desire, but I can’t get her off my mind.
I want her around me all the time, to dominate and control.
So much so, that I call up my old pal, her dad.
And I ask if she’d like a job working at my tech firm.
He can’t find out what we’re really up to.
When we’re on top of my desk behind my closed office door.
Or else we’ll both have hell to pay.
Soon, the risk at work and at church seems too high.
But my c*ck – and my heart – can’t live without her.
Especially when I find out she’s hiding a secret from me.

Yes, she’s young enough to be my daughter.
But she’s carrying a child of our own.
And no obstacle could make me give up what belongs to me.

My Father’s Rich Friend’s Secret Baby is a full-length steamy romance novel. It’s part of the His Secret Baby series, which are theme-based books that can be read on their own but are best binge-read all together.

So I was laughing when I read the title and that’s a good a sign as any that I might laugh some more while reading it.

From the author of their favourite aunt’s second niece and best friend’s of the mailman’s third cousin’s girlfriend comes a book with a content warning. Sugar daddy meets young virgin to seduce (read groom) into being his lover.

Hugh Hefner – iconic playboy

Valeria is a young girl who is tempted by a sexy path in life. Strict parents (meaning rules like no dating ageing men).

My strict parents would not approve of me being up this late, but neither would they approve of the thoughts I was having, so at this point, I didn’t think that one sin was any worse than the other. I might as well indulge in them all.

She sets her eyes on a forbidden fruit (kinda low hanging if you know what I mean) and wants to play with (drum roll) her dad’s friend. Talk about daddy issues!

But he was also as old as my father was. In fact, he had been my father’s good friend from the past, before I was born, and when my parents had had an altogether different life than they live now.

The book starts getting slightly more gross as this 17 year old fantasises about being ravished by this old guy:

But if he only knew how his friend, Alexander, looked at me, I had a feeling that they would not stay reunited friends for long. I knew Alexander wanted to rip my clothes off and bend me over and take my virginity. And I wanted to let him.

I nearly puked in my mouth a little. Still, this was only page 2 so it was supposed to get better, no? Wrong! They met in a freaking church group and once he’s a trusted house guest, he just wanders around the house on his own until he reaches her bedroom where she’s … splayed open apparently. I mean what man in his right mind goes on to open a closed teenager’s room to see what they are doing (behind closed doors). Ofc she’s masturbating and this pervy old dude decides he wants to join in the fun with a virgin girl (who’s not yet legal!)

Valeria kept moaning so strongly, without a care in the world, and I knew the moment I licked and twisted my tongue into her slit and stuck my thumb inside her puckered asshole that I wanted her virginity more than ever.

Without a lot of prep, they get down to business on a freaking toilet (not the most sanitary of places) and he doesn’t use a condom.

“I’m going to cum inside you right now and for the rest of our lives together.”

The orgasm creeping over me was already set to be one like I had never had before. With the women I had entertained at my house before I had met Valeria, I always used condoms. But I had an insane desire to possess every raw, naked inch of Valeria.

I always find it amusing how these virgins in these sexy books are able to perform sexual acts like pro, knowing how to move and where to put their hands in order to maximise their lover’s pleasure. My eyebrow never came down from the high spot it climbed to and after this pervy old guy came in the girl, he arranges with her dad a summer job where she will work for him (so … more like financial binding her) and she’s gonna have loads of “extra play time”.

Valeria then starts feeling more like a woman as he reminisces about her “biggest crush, my father’s very rich friend”. Is she a gold digger? Perhaps

I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I had let my biggest crush, my father’s very rich friend from back in the day, Alexander Foster, take me in the church bathroom the day before. It was like a crazy dream or fantasy

She starts work for the creepy dude all while praying that her sinful ways won’t be punished. Good Lord, this is like a new girl coming out of the nunnery for the first time to get married.

I look good… too good to be committing a sin. Oh Lord, forgive my thoughts. I’m just a young girl with yearning in her heart… you mustn’t punish me…

Then they meet again and I felt a strong wave of revulsion reading how the old guy is basically fishing for compliments, admits on hiring her on a whim to be able to “see” her more often and how is this different from prostitution?

“Aah, yes. The job. I just wanted an excuse to see you every day. You can’t blame an old man for that, can you?”

I winked, tapping at my desk with precision.

“I am never calling you old, Alexander. You move too agile for a man your age,” she whispered, biting her lower lip.

“It’s good to know I didn’t disappoint,” I hungrily growled, sitting on my desk and edging closer to her chair.

Valeria leaned closer to the desk too, with a blaze in her eyes and a pulse in her neck. She stood, then crawled onto my desk, slowly, like a tigress, ready to pounce and take her prey as she willed it.

My cock sprang up and it hurt just seeing her come at me with that burning hunger. I stood up and went closer to her face, edging in while she licked her lips.

My coffee started tasting like crap. Must be the book

He grows tired of her, once the novelty wears off and starts introducing more and more kinky things to their sex life, including some bondage and some light BDSM. They have a lot of sex, mostly unprotected and no surprise when a year later she finds out she’s pregnant just in time to turn him around and bind this sore loser to her. He asks her to marry him which she happily accepts – even though seconds earlier she was nearly finding a spine and deciding she wouldn’t stay with a man who only sought to pleasure himself in a relationship.

Very icky book. Enjoy.

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