Awakening * Lee Savino

Series: dark mafia romance
I wasn’t capable of love. Not until I met Cora. My angel.
I’ve claimed every inch of her body and I only want more.
I’m a man who craves control, but her power over me is absolute.
She holds my heart in her hands.
She can never find out.
The demons in this city want to destroy her.
It’s my job to protect her innocence. Lock her safe in my high tower.
But I’m the danger that she’s trying to escape.
The ruthless man in her bed.
A demon worse than all the others.
One who cannot save her from himself.

These days, every inch of her was scrutinized, first by her stylists, then by society when she went out on Marcus’s arm. The wife of a wealthy businessman must look the part. Especially if that man’s business had deep ties to the city’s criminal underworld. Marcus Ubeli, the ruler of New Olympus’ underworld. Her husband.

When he stood by the window, he only saw his kingdom. His abject subjects scurrying far below. They saw only what he wanted them to see, an elegant businessman, handsome and shrewd, with a new and pretty wife. They applauded his philanthropy and patronized his legit businesses—and only half listened to the whispers about his dark dealings. Only the rich and ultra-powerful knew the truth about Marcus Ubeli. He had a representative on every shadowy street corner.

Cops, judges and juries were in his pocket. Even the mayor owed him favors.

This is definitely gritty and dark at times. Yet, it had to be in order to show the inner demons that these characters have. It fuels their motivations and allowed me, as the reader, to understand the stakes and also what makes these characters tick. I really am loving who these characters represent in mythology and knowing these characters a little more, like Cora and Marcus, it really makes the storyline sink its teeth in.

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