Forbidden King (Princes of Avce Book 9) – Victoria Pinder

He’s a rebellious crown prince who ignored his family’s good name, but now the clock is ticking and he’ll have to marry.

Leopold Aussa, the future king of Avce, soon learns that his spoiled life of ignoring his family and indulging in models comes with its pitfalls.

When finally he finds a respectable woman to marry who will make a good Queen, his past comes back to haunt him.

Anna takes her job as future king Leopold’s secretary seriously; after all, it’s the one thing paying for her grandmother’s retirement. If she doesn’t want to risk her position, she’ll have to ignore the hot man with a good heart underneath all the rebellion, but that becomes harder to do when Leopold asks her to be his bride.

There’s only one thing standing in their way…and he hasn’t told her yet what it is. But if Leopold’s old flame gets her way, his secret is about to become a royal scandal.

Find out what happens in this modern day Pride and Prejudice meets Cinderella’s Ever After romance!

Leo wanted one thing in his life… a choice.

Leo is forced by his parents to abandon his wanton life and marry his secretary instead of a model. Because she’s.. hmm, .. her behaviour is above reproach. Yay for taking people at their face value and for parents forcing their kids to live their way! He’s no prize either, referring to the woman in his aid as a peasant..

In his almost thirty years, he’d never assumed once that his parents, his royal parents, would suggest a peasant. If he’d have thought they’d bend this much, he might have held out for love—or something like that.

He asks her to marry him (half mouth) only because his parents are there.

Know each other? True. Other than her dependability and timeliness where she was always where he needed her to be, he didn’t know much about Anna.

This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. There’s some chemistry and they do seem to get along bringing me to my original idea that if you put two hamsters in a cage together they’ll have sex eventually.

“I’m pregnant.” She clutched her slender belly. Leo’s blood ran cold. How? He’d used protection every time as he never intended to father a child outside of his station. This was impossible. Condoms were effective, so he lifted his chin and met Francesca’s blue eyes that had tears still flowing down her high cheekbones. “Don’t lie. The trumpets you hear outside mean I’m getting married.” She grabbed his arm and pulled him closer. “I’m not lying.

Wehey! Here’s the one night stand with a surprise for the newly-soon-to-be husband.

Anna might not be a noble woman by birth, but as his wife, he’d honor her. In exchange she’d perform the day-to-day operations of life as a future queen with the polish of someone born for the job. She was always diligent in everything and he would help where he could.

So this train-wreck of a man marries a decent woman while having a baby on the back-burner with someone else. This is ghetto -drama! All he wants is his status and his wife to do the wifely gracious things as long as he can live without facing the consequences of his actions.

Meh, horrible romance story, so-so plot.


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