Dirty Damsels (DotComGirls Series Book 1) * Peggy Jaeger

What if Cynderella had a one-night stand with a man named Prince? When I first saw Cynderella all covered in soot in that sexy maid uniform, I knew I wanted to be her Prince. She’s a smart and savvy businesswoman who’s built her cleaning company from the ground up. But now that Dirty Damsels was booming, I’ve been hired to arrange a hostile takeover. But the temptation of having her was too much to ignore… We ended up spending one night together–a night neither of us will forget. Now, I want more. I need more. I want to spend every night, skin-on-skin, with my beautiful Ella. Problem is, when she finds out who I really am, she’ll never forgive me.

When I’d first started cleaning as a profession, I’d always began with what I considered the dirtiest place in the home, the family bathroom. I’d work my way out to the bedrooms, then the kitchen, and save the main living areas for last. Even though I no longer did the actual heavy cleaning but managed the people who did, I still stuck to my old routine. With my hands gloved, my hair pulled back, and my iPod blasting in my ears, I started.

Meet a cleaning lady (Maid in Manhattan anyone?) who cleans the penthouse of a super rich and super sexy guy.

He was massive. At least six-three with shoulders so wide they blocked my view of the room behind him. Jet-black, military-style, close-cropped hair surrounded a face constructed of sharp angles and etched planes with a concrete-hard and square jaw. Thick eyebrows the same color as his hair framed two of the greenest eyes I’d ever seen. They mimicked jade crystals, freshly mined and polished. I would’ve bet cash his light gray suit was tailor-made because it hugged the width of his shoulders with sartorial precision and tapered down to a trim waist.

Said boss then proceeds to sexually harass the maid, first telling her he enjoyed the view of her bent back scrubbing, then following her around the apartment and making innuendos.

He moved like a panther across the rug, soundlessly stalking, as if playing with his prey, until he came to the opposite side of the bed.

So if this guy was butt ugly, we’d have a creeper case. But just because he’s good looking, we have a blooming romance scenario!

The man had an ass made for grabbing. Two perfect, round, and tight cheeks dipped from that narrow waist, leading downward to two thick and powerful thighs. Since his back was to me, he didn’t know my jaw hung open to my knees, while he burrowed under the comforter.

The main heroine gets the hots and is ready to throw all professionalism down the drain in order to get some of that crunchy behind.

The man this afternoon was the first one I’d met in a while who got my lustometer dial moving into the alive and kicking zone. Too bad I wouldn’t see him again. If we’d met under different circumstances, I knew I’d have abandoned my self-imposed sexual exile and gone after him, big time.

Well, the romance kicks off and then you have the regular issues: step-sisters who are jealous, people who need money but don’t wanna work for it, people asking for monetary support either from this strong independent woman or from her strong, richer and more independent boyfriend.

All is good when heroine goes no contact with her evil step sister and the boyfriend’s foundation takes over the absurd medical care costs (for the US at least) for Dolly and all is well and they get married.

Damn, this was Maid in Manhattan all over. 2/5

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