The Wolf’s Heart * Rain Oxford

There have been mixed feelings about the changes in Caldaca since the black star. Ayden and Merlin just want things to settle down for them at the castle. When Nimue shows up and tells them that Gmork has gone missing, it is only the beginning of their most exciting and dangerous adventure yet.

This time, it will be their hearts that are tested. With the help of old and new allies, they must attain the heart of Baltezore, a dangerous weapon against dragons. To save the people they love, they will have to face old enemies, terrible curses, gruesome monsters, dark secrets, and their own flaws.

I was the seventh son in a family of infamous sorcerers, known for their ruthlessness and malevolent powers. On my world, wizards only used light magic and sorcerers only used dark magic. To my family’s disdain, no matter how hard I tried to cause chaos and destruction, I could only do light magic. When I left home to prove that I could be a powerful sorcerer, I ended up releasing Merlin from a magical prison.

Merlin was a powerful wizard from another world who had been cursed. Along with losing his magic and immortality, he was transformed into a wolf. Since I was the one to release him, we could talk in each other’s minds. With his help, I learned to accept that I had both wizardry and sorcery and joined Magnus, one of the most powerful wizards of Caldaca.

The three of us banished five of my evil brothers to another world. The youngest of my brothers, Thaddeus, was the least terrible and thus I felt he deserved a chance to live in peace. He later redeemed himself and became a great ally.

People from Caldaca had limitations on what type of magic they could do. Aside from wizards and sorcerers, there were also mages, who were healers; magicians, who did illusion magic; necromancers, who controlled the dead; seers, who saw the future; and rare elementalists, who could control the elements. There was a phenomenon in which the seventh son of the seventh son and the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter had great power. Even on worlds without magic, these people had special abilities. On Caldaca, where almost everyone had magic, they had an even greater advantage.

There is lots of intrigue, adventure, risks, magic and great characters in this story.

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