Daddy Bear * Laylah Roberts

“Do I? Maybe it’s just because you offered to pay me for taking care of you. Do you think I work for you?”

“No. I didn’t mean it like that.” Misery swamped her. “I’m sorry. I’m not very good at talking to people. I don’t have friends anymore. My last boyfriend was when I was seventeen. I’m pretty damn pathetic really. Maybe you could do me a huge favor and forget we ever had this conversation.


“You’ll take care of me. Like I’m really your sub, your Little.”

“Yes. Would you like some time to think about it?” He really didn’t think she was going to go for it. Why would she? She barely knew him.

“I don’t need any time. I agree…D-daddy.”

Welcome to the least interesting dom and sub story I’ve found in a long time.

After years of being lied to and used, Ellie just wants a new life. On her own terms. There’s just one small problem. On her way to that new life, she crashes her car during a snow storm and is rescued by a huge hunk of a man. A man who goes by the name of Bear, has thighs as big as tree trunks, and an extreme case of bossiness.If anyone ever needed a keeper, it was this girl. Bear knows he shouldn’t touch her, shouldn’t get involved, and yet the close quarters of a tiny cabin in a snow storm make him do things he normally wouldn’t.Like offering her a temporary arrangement, with him as her Daddy Dom.Contains a hot, alpha Daddy Dom and a woman who needs his special brand of love.

I set bedtimes. I set chores. I set any sort of routines. Not something you need to worry about since you’re not well enough for chores. And well, routine has kind of gone out the window. But still, that’s what you can expect. Questions?

“Well, I’ll never ignore you as punishment, baby girl. I’ll tip you up over my knee, pull those cute panties down until your bottom is revealed then I’ll start smacking that little ass until it turns pink then crimson. Then when you’re crying out, your feet kicking, I’ll move my hand to the top of your thighs. If what you did was really bad, like risking your health or safety, I might make you stand in the corner with that bright red bottom on display. Then after a while I’d have you come back and lean over the back of the chair or the bed and I’d get my paddle or belt and given you some extras to remind you of who you belong to and what my expectations are of you. So, you’ll know that next time you put yourself at risk that there is someone who lo—,” he cut himself off, “who cares about you and is holding you accountable.”

OMG this was drovel at the finest. So basically, this crosses over the daddy kinkery into the role play child / actual daddy dom sub roles. I guess given time, he might have preferred a real child to play with.. @@


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