Awakening * Lee Savino

I wasn’t capable of love. Not until I met Cora. My angel. I’ve claimed every inch of her body and I only want more.  I’m a man who craves control, but her power over me is absolute.

She holds my heart in her hands. She can never find out. The demons in this city want to destroy her. It’s my job to protect her innocence. Lock her safe in my high tower. But I’m the danger that she’s trying to escape. The ruthless man in her bed. A demon worse than all the others. One who cannot save her from himself.

~ Book 2 in the dark mafia trilogy out July 2, 2019

Welcome to the discount bin romance novel. This time in a trilogy format and with a synopsis that reads like a machine-gun with loads of stops and no full sentence with more than 10 words.

The sex was as intense as ever. Their chemistry in bed was undeniable. Some nights his kisses felt frantic as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him so tightly it was like he was afraid she’d disappear.

When a rock god asks Cora to help find his missing fiance, she befriends both a stripper and a hacker genius to help her search the city of Olympus. But will they save the woman in time with the evil of the underworld standing in their way?

Zeus is the mayor, Cora is Persephone and Hades is “business man” and mob boss Marcus Ubeli in this retelling of the Greek Myth “Orpheus and Eurydice.

His dark eyes searched hers for a quick moment and her breath caught. He was so gorgeous, his face sculpted with sharp lines and commanding angles. Even through the tux she could feel the power of his large body, muscles bulging against the expensive tailored fabric.

There’s some nasty ass sex scenes but hey, I knew what I was getting into the moment I picked up the book. Very little recycled plot and a lot of hefty sexual encounters  which might leave some women wanting more and some others ready to apply eye bleach.

“So precious.” His fingers penetrated her, teasing her slippery folds, finding the mind-melting spots inside her pussy that made her weak. He pressed between her shoulder blades and she folded, head down, ass up, back bent to offer her glistening center. If she was lucky, he’d only tease her a moment before he made her cum…

A gust of air told her he’d walked away. Noooooo. But she knew better than to move. She didn’t ease the strain of her back, or slip a hand between her thighs. He’d punish her for sure and she might never earn her release.

“Good girl.” Marcus was back, palming her ass, squeezing the cheeks, holding her open. She held still, knowing better than to squirm underneath his gaze. She didn’t protest as he parted her most secret places and examined her. She hoped he liked what he saw…

A condescending smack on the side of her thigh, a small chuckle. “You’re so ready for me. Needy. Does my pretty pussy miss me?”

“Always,” she whispered against the coverlet.

“Does it want me to touch it, make it feel good?”

“Yes…please… Marcus, I need…”

Another smack. “I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about your pussy.”

Cora clenched her teeth, holding back a whimper. He knew just want to say to humiliate her, to make her burn…

“What about the other parts of you, hmm? Do they feel neglected?”

What was he talking about? His finger left a wet trail up between her ass cheeks and she knew.

“No,” she moaned, catching herself too late.

“Yes,” Marcus said, pressing a firm finger to her clenching asshole. “It’s time.” He stroked her bottom a moment. “You belong to me. All of you. It’s time I claim this.”

“Will it hurt?”

“It might. I’ll go slowly but it will be uncomfortable. At first. But you want this, right?” His voice deepened, as hypnotic as his slow stroking touch over her backside. “You want to please me? Make me feel good?”

“Yes,” she admitted. His thumb came to her asshole and her cheeks tightened.

“No,” Marcus turned stern. “Don’t tense up. Open for me.”

She forced herself to relax. Marcus’s thumb pressed rough circles over her sensitive rosebud.

“Good girl.” His stubbled cheek rubbed over her ass. She stilled as his tongue swept between her cheeks, probing her virgin hole, tickling the crease. His free hand cupped her pussy, keeping her from wriggling and escaping his insistent tongue.

OK, I’m out.

DNF 1/5

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