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Tanith Ven is a gargoyle, a former assassin, and an alcoholic with a chip on his shoulder. He’s recruited by X’on Doth, a half-giant scholar, to search for an abandoned dragon’s hoard, said to contain the only source of true magic left in the world. Their quest takes them across continents bereft of humanity and forges an unlikely friendship in the face of overwhelming challenge: torture at the hands of vicious elves, a civil war among the dwarfs, a sojourn to Ven’s former lover and master, and a journey beyond the sea into unknown lands.

But one of them is harboring a terrible secret. One of them could destroy the world.

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So this is pretty far out from my normal reads – I don’t necessarily read pieces written by ex-highschoolers and tend to go with more “mature” and “seasoned” authors who had time to refine their skill. That being said, 244 pages means about 3h of my time so I’ll give this a go!

A group of sleek black figures, heavier and wider and taller than any normal beast, were bounding up the moors to the hillocks, their leader baying at the pregnant, icy moon that hung in the sky. By that same moonlight Ven could count them all, streaked with gore along snout and paw, their teeth and talons dark, slick, and oily. The pack was jubilant, lush from their latest savagery. Not one had their guard up. Ven swallowed a sigh of relief along with the angry bile rising hot in his throat over the thought of their wanton barbarity, ran a caressing talon over the bow’s trigger, and followed them with his eyes. He had determined the pack’s hidden entrance was on this side of the cliffs; all the usual signs, the spoor and trails of ichor and the rest, pointed to this spot. But if the Shifters were smart, they may have set up a double-blind to throw off trackers….

Good start and lovely action-paced adventure. If you’ve ever played Dungeons and Dragons, this is the book for you! Ven and X’on go on adventure after adventure, filled with new languages, elves, werewolves and magic. And for some reason, loads of goat shit. (I think it’s mentioned quite a few times over the chapters!)

X’on wasn’t just book smart, he was sharp. Sharp clients were harder to lie too, which made his job that much more complicated. If the goatshit hit the fan, it was a lot easier if they believed it when you said, Don’t worry. I’ve got this.

Derek, you’ve got this. Thanks for your starter book, it wasn’t bad and it was pretty action packed. Totally 3/5

Keep on writing if you’re seeing this.

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