Silent Witnesses – Annelie Wendeberg

All the silent witnesses … the place, the body, the prints … can speak if one knows how to properly interrogate them.
Alexandre Lacassagne

Dr Elizabeth Arlington keeps her past buried. But when a woman is killed in a train accident, she falls into old habits and examines the body. All evidence points to murder.
Soon, a second victim is found, and a photograph left at the scene incriminates Elizabeth. Now the prime suspect, she must hurry to catch the killer before the police arrest her. But when he strikes again, Elizabeth discovers a terrifying truth.

Medical schools for women had sprung up in the American north, and I could live without the need to bind my breasts and sneak from one hiding place to another. I could simply do my work and talk openly — as a woman! — about patients, surgeries, and cures. It was delicious . Addictive, even

Meet Elizabeth, a female doctor (gasp) dealing with a few murders. By day, she acts as an obgyn and mother to her own child, and by night she helps investigate brutal murders. Pregnant woman rolled by a carriage, another murder in the shadows and each more brutal and gory than the last.

While I did not find her new partner as engaging as Holmes I will reserve my judgement for now. Maybe his character will develop more in the next book. Book starts off strong but tapers towards the middle / end. Writing is decent too, with plenty of references to the last century and loads of honey’d tea.


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