Patriot Assassin * Alex Ander

Killing suspected terrorists, an assassin jeopardizes the investigation into a terror plot in the Northeast.

For Covert Operative Aaron Hardy, the stakes have never been higher.

Innocent lives are at risk from an impending attack.

One man’s phone holds the key to preventing bloodshed.

The problem is a trained killer is interfering with the operation.

Forced to play cat and mouse with a hired gun, Hardy comes face-to-face with the professional hitman.

His finger on the trigger, he must make a split-second decision.

Is the assassin a threat?

Is he an asset in the fight against terrorism?

…A gripping thriller you won’t put down until the last page is read…

Patriot Assassin

Once the threat to her life had passed, Director Jameson offered her a job working for him, serving as Hardy’s information specialist. Charity was highly skilled in the field of information technology. Her responsibility was to provide the necessary technical details of each mission and assist him with gathering intelligence.

I scanned through the book but unfortunately to me it had nothing making it stand out from the standard boy -meets-girl in training and falls in love. 1/5

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