Finding Her Wings * K.B. Wheelock

A fairy born without wings and without a talent, Aislin had relegated herself to a life on the ground, ostracized and alone.
When three others are found without talents, Aislin suddenly finds herself sharing her lonely world with three male fairies. Will she discover her true talent and love? More importantly, can the four of them find answers as to why the talents are going missing?

“… what can I do? I have no wings, no talent. I might as well not bother. I can’t even live in the tree.”

Aislin is a wingless fairy, and hasn’t been able to find her skill. Because of this she doesn’t fit in. Then suddenly there are 3 hot guys who aren’t able to find their skills. I like Aislin, she was fun and still managed to be positive. The guys were each unique and I liked seeing their relationships develop.

I YAWN AND CLUTCH THE coffee cup to my chest with a death grip. Why the hell had I thought that we should leave at first light. I’m not a morning person, and I think the guys can sense that they shouldn’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.

I had to laugh a little at this – I can definitely tell that the author loves her coffee. And Fairies. And light adventures.

Definitely a light read and quite enjoyable.


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