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The Billionaire Bodyguards series was created in response to the overwhelming number of readers who asked if the bodyguards of the billionaires they protected had stories of their own. While a new novel, this is an interconnecting novel, so some scenes may seem familiar. You will get a chance to follow the bodyguards you have fallen in love with as they deal with danger, find romance, and their own happily ever afters. Thank you for loving these heroes as much as I do! I can’t wait to see what you think! Xoxo Via

Since I’ve read Pines (Wayward Pines #1) by Blake Crouch, I thought maybe I should continue on the same Wayward theme and pick a different kind of novel. Written in each character’s point of view, the story starts with Jay – a very angry bodyguard.

The woman of my fantasies is chained and hanging from the ceiling with angry marks on her back. I know in this community play gets hard. I’m all for that when both parties want the same thing, and it’s consensual, but this was clearly not.

Once he helps out the screaming damsel in distress and punches the man torturing her, he is suddenly engulfed in a virtual shroud of righteousness and wants to show the world his manly, protector side, even if it means going against the rules.

“You’re breaking protocol again,” one of my security team reminds me. I raise my eyebrows in question, but then just as quickly give him a nod because I respect him for both acknowledging it and calling me out on it. “I know Cole, but I need to do this alone. Go upstairs and take the team with you. I’ll be okay,” I say, perfectly aware it’s the second time tonight that I’ve broken our rules, the protocols my men and I usually hold sacred. Cole nods, and they head up the stairs while I venture forward, following the soft sobs that are emanating from the corner of the room.

For some nonsensical reason, the victim, Sasha, is now hosted in the same house as his employer, after the rambunctious guest has been removed.

“Nobody wants me,” she says, so softly that I barely hear her. The fact that this beautiful woman thinks no one wants her makes my blood boil and at the same time makes me want to pummel every man that has ever made her feel that way, and right now Brian Carrington is at the top of that fucking list.

“I told you to stay where you were, that I was going to get you something to wear. I was planning to dress you, feed you, and then let you get a good night’s sleep,” I say.

I’m not sure why but this specific love story doesn’t really do it for me. She’s too weak and he’s too strong. I know opposites attract but omg these people are walking stereotypes.

I offer her a piece of grilled sweet potato, and she shakes her head. “Take a bite,” I say.

“Too many carbs,” she replies.

“I decide what you need tonight,” I demand, raising the vegetable to her mouth again.

He sounds controlling at best – and the way he follows her like she’s his woman makes me think that he has some small delusional issues.

She chews leisurely and moans softly, causing my dick to instantly harden. I feed her the rest of the meal, watching intently as she drives me crazy with each piece that graces her perfectly parted lips.

Umm, he gets horny by her eating? This woman has just been assaulted and beaten badly and yet he wants to show her a good time.

I realize she’s not mine, and I have no right to demand she change her eating behaviors regardless of the almost primitive desire within me to do just that.

Sasha agrees to let me put more cream on her back, and my cock lengthens and hardens with desire. I bare her back and apply it gently to her skin, knowing it will soothe her and that she’s already got another dose of Tylenol on board. The heat of her skin under my touch and the way her waist indents and then gently curves out teasing me with what I can’t see under the covers is making my dick throb. When she moans softly under my touch, I know that I have to get some space between this half-naked blonde angel and me.

Oh God, I don’t think I can continue reading this drovel. It’s so shit.

He starts at my feet, caressing my instep and licking as he goes. His tongue and lips follow the pattern of his fingers and then take each of my toes, one by one into his mouth, suckling each digit before moving onto the next, and I hear myself moan with pleasure. My hips rise, but he holds them down and slaps my mound with the palm of his hand. “Stay still, Angel,” Jay says, giving me a moment before he pushes my legs apart and continues to head north, his tongue licking and sucking my center to moisten with desire. I arch my back and push my mound forward delirious with excitement as he reaches my center, but he continues to tease, circling around it, nipping the sensitive skin before using his tongue to part my lips and dip into my folds. I moan and lift up again which earns me another hard slap to my mound.

“Still, Angel, I control your pleasure, remember?” Jay says, kissing along the sensitive skin he’s just spanked.

“Yes.” I have no idea why him being in control is such a turn-on, but it makes me lusty with need, and I love it.

“Very good, now spread your legs even wider for me, as open as they can go. I want to see how wet you are for me,” Jay says. I slide my legs apart, spreading them right in front of his face and turn my head into the pillow beside me as I do. “Angel, I haven’t given you any rules, but I want to see what you like, how your body responds to what I’m doing, and I can’t tell if you tuck your head into the pillow,” Jay says, and just the fact that he is giving me instructions while looking at my most intimate parts makes me even wetter. He dips his finger into all the wetness and slides a finger deep, then pulls it out dragging it along my front wall, caressing me on the very spot that sends shivers down my spine. I can’t help but push my hips up at the feel, and he brings his hand down hard right onto my mound, correcting me. He told me not to move, I was warned, and even so, my body didn’t listen, and the pleasure is too tempting, but in the absence of his lips on my thighs or his fingers in my pussy, his hand reigning down on my mound supersedes everything. I gasp, and he doesn’t stop until I am coming and coming, unable to stem the flow or hold back the waves that overtake my body. I look down, and he’s watching me intently with those hazel green eyes. “I’m done,” I say breathlessly, trying to shift away from him because I’m still so sensitive.

This is like a trainwreck waiting to happen.

“Going forward, I tell you when you come. There will be times when I want you to hold back, and it’s going to drive you crazy. I won’t push you any more than you can stand but I will push you, and you won’t come again until I tell you to, understand Angel?” Jay says. I nod my agreement because he is so incredibly hot. When we finish, he pulls me close and kisses my lips and then taps my nose. “I seriously thought I was going to have to kidnap you to get you on this goddamn plane,” Jay says, holding me close.

“I didn’t want to be a burden. I really didn’t know if you wanted me or not.”

I’m done. 1/5 not even worth for the charity pile. To the Burner!

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