Back for More * Loring, Kayley

Kayley Loring is one of the most endearingly, frustrating authors I have ever come across. She shows a heart what it means to be human. Her characters remind us it’s okay to be less than perfect. Back for More was not love at first sight for me. Lily is more than a little self involved and Wes comes across far too self righteous. What I failed to understand was that there was more to the story. Although Wes and Lily seem different, their lives are quite similar. Both have been dealt some heartaching blows by life. Love seems determined not to be kind to them. In a world of unpredictability, the one constant is the bond they have with each other. What makes Back for More, the treasure that it is, are the lessons the characters learn as they get to know themselves and each other.


When I was a kid, my dad was the gardener for the richest man in town. His daughter, Lily Barnes, told me she could never like a guy like me. Then she kissed me and told me it would never happen again. When it happened again, she told me she could never love me because she was going to leave this place, and I would never leave my dad.

We were never quite friends, not exactly enemies, and we could never quite stop secretly kissing each other.

She never said goodbye before running off to try to make it as an actress. That was her dream, and I wanted her to chase it. Okay, maybe I hated her for it, just a little.

Now she’s back, with no money and even more sass.

A lot has changed around here…except for my hidden feelings about Lily Barnes.


When my father offers me a job at his company, I actually think he’s finally decided I’m worthy of one day taking over the family business. Imagine my surprise when I find out that the gardener’s son is the one who’s being groomed to take over, and I’ve been assigned to work for him.

That boy has only ever inspired naughty thoughts. Secret, forbidden, uncontrollable naughty thoughts. Even calling him a “boy” seems silly. I think he must have been born a man, and I know he made me want to grow up. Fast. He’d had the kind of muscles that I had never seen on a guy in real life before, and his skin had glistened with sweat in the midday sun.

Wes Carver has always been rich in confidence and abs, but now he’s rich in everything, including disdain for yours truly.

If he thinks I’m not built to work, he’s wrong.

If he thinks he can boss me around just because he’s my boss, he’s delusional.

If he thinks I’m still the girl who could never love him…I may be a better actress than anyone thought.

Wes The Sexy Groundskeeper

So when I saw this cover, I said well hello I am definitely grabbing and I was happy that I did, by the end of the book I had a smile on my face. We meet Lily who is as the title states Back for more. Lily had met Wes when she was 14 and he 16 and these two had a frenemy-confusion state going on. Lily was a rich girl who was losing her mother to sickness and Wes was the groundskeepers son. LIly was pushing him away while have a lust/hate relationship with him, she leaves town at 18 and seven years 5 years later returns after failing trying out on her own and has to suck it up and work for Wes..They fight and kiss and eventually just admit that they have loved each other the whole time and why fight anymore when they belong together..

Know that I’ll be missing you even if you don’t hear from me. Know that I’ll always think of you as the best guy I’ve ever known. Know that the truest thing I ever told you was in my crazy kisses. Even now, even on paper, I don’t know if I can tell you what I really want to say in words. Maybe in French words.

Merde. Où est la discothèque? Au revoir. Believe it or not…Je t’aime.

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