Two to Tango (A Belinda & Bennett Mini Mystery) * Amy Saunders

“So something weird just happened,” she said. “The housekeeper left an envelope stuffed with cash in the library desk.”


Apparently, her grandmother had returned to her Portside home briefly (she’d spent the past weeks in the Hamptons with her other daughter’s family) and was convinced someone stole her husband’s manuscript from the safe. Only the manuscript was still technically in the safe, and her grandmother was the only person who knew the safe combination. Belinda had no clue why anyone would want her grandfather’s incomplete manuscript about Portside birds, but her grandmother was absolutely convinced the manuscript currently in the safe was not the original.

Here’s another 20 page mystery from Amy Saunders starring Belinda and her grandmother Shirley.

“Well, if the thief swapped the manuscript to sell without leaving trace of a theft, they probably need money, right? Don’t you think, if your hidden library camera idea is correct, that they’d go ahead and take the money in the desk drawer, figuring Gram would never know about it anyway?”

After a bit of investigation it turns out it was the personal assistant and she tried to pin it on the maid. The end.

“Enough with the conspiracy theories! It’s Sylvia.” “If she’s not working alone, I’ll ensure she tells me,” her grandmother said, seeming to dismiss the whole case entirely.

10 minute read.

1/5 for mystery

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