Talkin’ Jive * Erik Carter

Dale Conley Action Thrillers Series Book 5


In hindsight, Dale Conley should have known better. He was a fool to get on that plane. But it’s not every day you get an anonymous note begging for your help at a nuclear weapons facility.

Dale stumbles into a dark web of confusion, one filled with Russian spies, a silver-tongued madman who thinks he’s a prophet, and the most destructive technology ever created. As Dale puts more of the clues together, it only pulls him further into the uncertainty.

With Cold War tension boiling around him and an attack on American soil imminent, will Dale be able to make sense of it all before it’s too late?

The next standalone action thriller in the Amazon-bestselling series that has enthralled thousands of readers around the world. Enter the world of Dale Conley. Don’t forget to buckle up…

Each Dale Conley thriller brims with historical intrigue. TALKIN’ JIVE features: the rumors of eerily accurate predictions from a backwoods prophet.

If you like action heroes with the tenacity of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, the intelligence of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon, and the sheer grit of Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, then you’ll love Dale Conley.

Asa Hendrix leaned into the man’s ear and whispered, “Kill him now.” The words felt like silk as they left his lips. Silky and divine. They were dark words, certainly, so the tone, intonation, and rhythm needed to be perfect. That’s why he’d served them up so delectably. Like an aged wine in exquisite crystal. Like a fine cut of steak, perfectly seasoned. Like a single chocolate from a high-end dusted with cocoa powder, perfectly formed, shined to a slight veneer, and encasing a truffle center that’s airy, fluffy, buttery. Silky. Asa had made a life out of words. Not a career. A life. He’d had too many setbacks and pitfalls to ever have something that could be labeled a true “career.”

Too many new beginnings, too many fresh starts. But he was a survivor, and through it all, words were what kept him alive. His ability to bend them to his will, to use that power to bend other people to his will.

Dale had quite an adventure in this book. He was on an undisclosed mission, an ad in the newspaper requesting his aid, and had to figure out what it was he was summoned to help with. Of course he figures it out, with putting himself in some dangerous situations. His doggedness to save the day or should I say the free world paid off.

Asa was a true devious opponent, a mind washing genius, creating an army of followers to help him achieve his ultimate goal which they were unaware of what it actually was. The book is a thriller with treason, deceit, heroism, and tragedy all rolled into one good storyline.


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