The Day’s Wake * Erik A Otto

*** Book 2 – Tale of Infidels series ***

Hideous beasts? Conspiracies? A fracturing world? The infidels are spinning their deranged tales across the realm. It’s a heathen contagion; a grievous elixir. Do not drink from it. Besides, there is no place for these blasphemous lies when events are in play that are disturbing enough. Like the Day of Ascendancy, which is happening…RIGHT NOW

So this is where I might have gone wrong. I haven’t read book 1. As a standalone book, this is barely mediocre, dragging you along through characters you feel like you should know but feel nothing about, that have no backstory and are just making hasty decisions.

The conversation was unsettling. Before facing the sunroom again, Baldric found a seat on a step before the kitchen. Something felt wrong about Father’s position. Baldric had trouble putting his finger on what it was at first, but then he came to a realization. For all his insolence and stupidity, many of Clyve’s words at dinner rung true for Baldric. He was just saying what all of them wanted to say. Well, except Radley, of course.

I wonder whether the author talks like she writes – in short and clipped sentences like the above. Due to the writing style I had a few issues getting even remotely interested in what happened to Nala, what the Purveyor was about and why purity and travelers were so connected.

The Cleansing again. There was a sobriety with which the Purveyor spoke that told her she shouldn’t laugh or mock him. The Purveyor was genuinely concerned, and she could tell. Nala felt like she was treading somewhere she shouldn’t, delving too deep into the twisted mind of this heathen. Nala didn’t pursue any more questions that night.

I abandoned the book around page 100.

For the stuff I did read, 1/5 but will come and revisit if and when I pick up book 1.

About the Author

Erik A. Otto

Is a former healthcare industry executive and technologist, now turned science fiction author. His works include A Toxic Ambition, Detonation, Transition and the Tale of Infidels series. Detonation has been named to Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2018, and is a finalist for the Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award for 2018. More information about his novels can be found at the following link:

Erik’s works of fiction expose the impact of cultural and technological themes on society in a number of futuristic and otherworldly settings. He focuses on delivering intricate plotting, engaging characters and action-driven story telling to immerse the reader in thought-provoking events and circumstances.

In addition to writing, Erik is currently serving as the Managing Director of Ethagi Inc., an organization dedicated to promoting the safe and ethical use of artificial general intelligence technologies. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, with his wife and two children.

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