Werewolf Wedding (Generation Wars Book 1) – Raven Blakewood

Lightning struck in the distance, causing wolves to howl. Real wolves didn’t live in Dewhurst, Mississippi. Werewolves did. Hunter did.

Meet Dove and Hunter – a pale skined tiny girl and a raven-black haired sexy werewolf with long hair.

He hadn’t cut it since his father’s death because his hair was the last thing Gabe had touched before collapsing to the ground—heart attack—and because Hunter wanted to know if he’d ever look like him.

Their romance is so sickly sweet I had to drink some bitter coffee just to keep on going.

Hunter brushed her hair behind her ear.
“Do I make you feel safe?” She brought her hands to his chest.
“Always.” Hunter’s lips buzzed with anticipation. His fingers lingered on her jaw. He felt the rise and fall of her chest against his torso.
“You make me want to love you.”
“Don’t you already?”
She played the back of his neck like a delicate piano.
“Then what do you mean?”
“You make me want to show you how much I love you.”

I plowed through just to feel my heart sink when I was reading sentences designed for a grade 3 pupil. I grew disheartened completely at going through something that is worse than fanfiction and more like a teen learning how to write for the first time.

Hunter curled his fists.
Kai snored.
Hunter jerked Kai’s door open and yanked him from bed.
Kai threw weak punches, eyes still closed.
“Go away, shark.”
“Wake up!”

I wish I stopped here but since I was already half-way through this teen romance, I wanted to see it to the end.

“No, I waited by choice. For you. There’s been no one but you.” His hand touched her cheek and traveled slowly down her body. “Not even a kiss.” She traced his lips with a finger. “Not one?” “Never. Only yours.”

Their heat mingled, the necklace he’d made her pressed between them. They studied every inch of each other, becoming one flesh like magnets that could only be apart for a second before re-attaching. The connection moved them to soft tears never leaving their eyes. Each movement, every touch as man and wife strengthened the bond of their souls.

This is my first time reading from this specific author and at 45 pages long including cover, you should be able to finish it in about an hour.

My Rating 1/5 for sickening sweetness and terrible writing skills.

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