Hell on Wheels (Kings of Mayhem MC Book 4) – Penny Dee

I woke up to a blanket of dark hair moving slowly across my chest. Her breasts, ample and full, were pressed up against my pecs, her long legs entangled in mine as she stirred against me. A hand slid down from my shoulder, over my chest and across the dips and grooves of my stomach, moving lower and lower. My body responded in all the usual ways it did when a beautiful woman curls her fingers around your morning wood. Lips parted, my breathing picked up speed. My eyes fluttered and slowly opened as she gently began to rub me, her palm gliding up the length of me, her fingers paying special attention to the wide, smooth head of my cock.

While I had no doubt I’d be reading a pretty raunchy and sexy novel, the first paragraph definitely didn’t disappoint and set the scene.
So I had a few hours to kill and decided that a trashy, sexy, hot-as-hell novel was all that I needed. I don’t think I read anything from the Kings of Mayhem series but I might be mistaken.

I’d heard about the Kings of Mayhem. You didn’t live in Destiny and not know who they were. They were like rock stars in this county and held the real power in this town. Which meant they were to be avoided at all costs. Well, for me anyway. I didn’t care how hot they were, or how powerful and lusted after they were, those vests were a giant red flag. It was my experience that with status came power. And with power came the misguided ignorance that you were better than other people. Some saw this as a license to abuse. Or worse. Destroy .

Meet Cassidy (or so she likes to call herself). She’s on the run from her foster family – or should I say rapey, abusive, super-rich, sadistic foster family who only took her in to get their son a play-thing and appear like good people to the world.

I told him my name was Cassidy. It was almost the truth. I didn’t become Cassidy until I met my best friend, Missy, on a bus trip from Sacramento to Las Vegas two years earlier. She’d asked me my name over a shared bag of potato chips, and I’d been Cassidy ever since. I wouldn’t tell her my real name. I wouldn’t tell anyone. Because that girl was dead. She was dead the moment she ran away.

On her travels she gets together with another chick called Missy and they end up staying at her brother’s place in the same dead-end town where the Kings of Mayhem rule with an iron fist and an eye for justice. She inadvertently draws the attention of one of the sexy brothers – Caleb and they start a steamy affair – only shadowed by the danger that Missy put her into.

Her friend decides to call her foster family and let them know where she is in order to get the reward and then proceeds to kick Cassidy out of their place. I smell shitty people!

It’s all to get Cassidy plot-wise in a situation where she would need immediate rescue from none-other than sexy Caleb.

I watched those luscious lips slide over the rim of the glass and felt the flare of attraction burst in my gut.

Then we have loads of sexy time in every chapter.

Back in my fantasy, I pulled her panties down her legs, and when she stepped out of them, I buried my tongue deep into her warm, wet flesh. She cried out and grabbed at my shoulders as my tongue lapped over her clit and teased the sweet spot until she came all over my face. I came when she came. I pressed a pillow over my face to muffle the unbridled moans wild horses couldn’t hold back because goddamn it felt good. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and I gripped the pillow tightly as my cock pulsed with the violent release of four days’ worth of arousal. With every throb, hot spurts of cum spattered across my hand until my orgasm receded, and I sank like a heavy weight into the mattress.

Then the horrible brother comes to town and kidnaps Cassidy and attempts to rape her again and do some nasty stuff to her – but thankfully we get a happy end and the kings of Mayhem step in to save the day once again.

Soooo, rating. 4/5 as it kept me pretty entertained and it was a decent length. Only notes I would add – there needs to be some therapy somewhere! I mean poor kid is a victim of prolonged abuse carried out by a family member (fake one) from a young age. She will have some trauma to deal with. But I suppose that’s a bit much to ask from a sexy novel about sexy times!

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