Afterburn: A Free Post-Apocalyptic Thriller – Scott Nicholson

Five years after a devastating solar storm wipes out civilization and spawns a strange race of mutants, Rachel Wheeler and her misfit family must choose whether to hide away or fight to join other survivors.

As their food supply dwindles inside their bunker, radiation from abandoned nuclear plants is altering the world around them. Not only are the mutants building their own cities and weapons, the remaining dregs of the U.S. military are massing for an attack. In this decaying environment, hostile new creatures crawl out from the crevices and up from the waterways to threaten them all.

But as a half-mutant, Rachel’s choice isn’t as simple as mere survival—the mutant way of life might be more promising than anything humans could hope to restore. And Rachel’s next decision could tear apart her family and the entire world

“The mutants had been part of the nightmare from the very beginning”

Mutant animals roam the land, the last few unaffected humans are scattered far and wide. This book follows 1 group as they come into contact with the new evolution humans.

The book was interesting enough but about the halfway mark I had trouble keeping my interest up. It’s definitely not as good as The road to Woodbury * Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead or  The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor but it’s decent enough for a couple of hours of entertainment.


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