Yield Up the Dead * Derek Fee

Ian Wilson thought he was finished with the PSNI. However, he is persuaded to come back to lead a murder squad with extra responsibilities. Gang boss Sammy Rice is still missing and there are new team members to integrate. Then information comes to light on the burial place of one of the ‘disappeared’. The raising of the body and the subsequent investigation threatens to expose one of Ulster’s darkest secrets.
This is the sixth book in the Ian Wilson series.Wilson investigates murder in the boilerhouse that is modern day Belfast, a city still emerging from a violent past. In a situation where crime and politics are often intertwined, Wilson and his new team must have their finger on the pulse of the city and tread a careful investigative path. Yield `Up the Dead continues to set the bar for Northern Irish noir.
If you like hard-boiled and compelling detective fiction you are sure to find Wilson a character you will identify with and like. Reviewers have already likened Wilson to John Rebus.

I had no idea this was the 6th book in a series. I tried to read it – police investigations can sometimes be thrilling enough to flip through but this one was an absolute bore. There was nothing exciting either about the writing, the story, the characters, no tension, nothing.

If I could give this a 0.1/5, I would. Burn pile.

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