The Tin Rose * Anne Renwick * An Elemental Steampunk Story

“My heart cannot decide if it wishes to pound or flutter, and I can no longer feel my fingers. I love you, Emily. Never doubt that.”
If he could give her nothing else, at least he could leave her with the certainty of his devotion.
“And I love you,” she said, brushing the hair from his forehead with her fingertips, a curious expression upon her face.
“But you must fight to live, Luca. I do not wish to raise our child alone.”
Her voice cracked upon those last few words.
A child? At that announcement, his heart did its best to beat faster, but failed. Alone. No, that was not what he wanted for her. His Emily deserved better. He wrapped his arm about her and pulled her into his lap.
“How long have you known?”
“A few days. Perhaps a week. Don’t look at me like that. We spoke our vows a month ago, that night we spent under the stars.” Her slender fingers tugged her necklace forth, the coins flashing brightly in the fading

This was an interesting 30-odd page read. Steampunk at its finest. Mechanical horses, gypsies and necklaces come together in a story about being with the one you love.

It was too short to pass any good judgement on it other that it looks like a good practice novel for greater things to come.

Thank you for reading The Tin Rose , a story set in the world of The Elemental Steampunk Chronicles. Did you enjoy this book?

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