Six Ways to Spellday * Samantha Silver

I was pretty sure I had just died. Since discovering a few months back that I was a witch and that there was a whole world out there where magic was simply a way of life, I had come close to having my life ended on more than just a couple occasions.

When a local vampire turns up dead, and one of Ellie’s former coworkers is accused of the crime, the girls know they need to get involved and clear the innocent fairy’s name.

But as they get closer to the truth, they find themselves getting mixed up in a separate investigation Kyran is running into human-world crimes. As she tries to unwravel the threads of the two investigations, Tina can’t help but shake this feeling that she’s being followed.

Could it have something to do with her newfound discovery that she’s from the coven of Titan?

Six Ways to Spellday is the sixth book in the Western Woods mystery series of full-length, humorous paranormal cozy mystery novels.

The book starts off with a delicious cookie eating session setting the light tone for this lovely short novel (under 150 pages).

“I like the cookie,” I said. “It really feels like it’s melting in your mouth. But Amy is right. The passionfruit cream in the middle is so delicious, the whole thing is basically heaven on earth .”

After making us very hungry from the first 5 pages, Samantha takes us on a journey among witches which are friendly to each other, bubbling with energy and just starting on a baking enterprise together. We get to walk through a Witch and Vampire market much like Covent Garden and enjoy the stalls as they see them.

One witch had a stall designed for new parents, with little birds that fluttered around the child’s bedroom, releasing golden dust that faded away into nothing. As she sat at her stall, the birds she had on display flew around, releasing their dust and giving the whole stall a real ethereal look . Another stall, run by a vampire, had hundreds of vials of blood, organized by the country of origin and age of the owners. A sign advertised that all of the blood had been given willingly, but I still shuddered involuntarily as I walked past. Given the number of vampires that were normally huddled in front of the stall and perusing the selection, the owner seemed to do very good business

I like to think the ages of the witches in their late teens but not too late in their twenties as they still mention a high love of Harry Potter books (don’t shout if you’re in your 40s and love Harry Potter, I still do!)

Personally, I just liked the little reminder of how I’d grown up. Just because I loved the magical world and never wanted to leave didn’t mean I didn’t miss some things, like popular books. I still had a collection of Harry Potter books that I’d brought over from the human world, but that was about it

Then we have the murder-mystery to deal with:

“A vampire was murdered,” I said in a quiet voice, and Ellie’s mouth dropped open while Sara gasped .

“Murdered? Seriously? Here in Western Woods?” Sara said . I gave a solemn nod. “I saw the body. Stabbed through the heart with a wooden stake .” Ellie shook her head sadly.

“What are things coming to these days? It wasn’t that long ago that there had been no murders in town in recent memory. Now it feels like people are dropping like flies.

The investigation takes them through fairy mushrooms, talks to other paranormals, goes through portals and has a witching good time.

This is a great YA read and I’ll rate it a solid 3.5/5

About the Author

Samantha Silver lives in British Columbia, Canada, along with her husband and a little old doggie named Terra. She loves animals, skiing and of course, writing cozy mysteries

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