Tainted Gold: Providence Gold Series Book Three * Moore, Mary B

Love Mary B. Moore books. They have romance, humor, a little mystery and just the right amount of sexy scenes. If you’re hunting for a romance that will make you laugh and feel good when done reading, this or any of her books are worth you’re time.



The one time I do something irresponsible it blows up in my face. Two pink lines, the word pregnant mocking me, a blue cross… twenty-six pregnancy tests in total, all screaming the same thing at me – Girl, you’re pregnant AF . The problem was, I wasn’t sure Tate even remembered our night together. There was no question in my mind, I was keeping my baby. The only issue was – I needed to break the news to him, too. I had time to figure out the way I was going to do it, how hard could it be? At least, that was my plan until my best friend revealed the news to the entire bar… including the man in question.


I’d been trying to figure out a way to ask Lily out ever since she’d moved to town and taken over her grandad’s bar. Apparently, car problems, man problems, and a couple bottles of Johnny Walker were the cure for that – or the accelerant for stupidity. The only proof I had when I woke up that our night together hadn’t been a dream was the pair of her panties in my shoe. How they’d gotten in there, I had no clue, but that pink scrap of lace was the best thing I’d ever seen because it made what had happened real.. The situation with my cousins got in the way, and I was frustrated I still couldn’t remember every detail from that night by the time I came home to Gonzales County . Then, I walked into the bar and smelled her perfume as she passed me, and all of it came flooding back.

That wasn’t the best part of the night. No – that was finding out I was going to be a dad, just as some twat punched me in the face. I wish I could say I was sorry, but I wasn’t. Now all I had to do was convince Lily to take a chance on me.

From the first few pages I knew I was heading into a drama mine-field when the main character described herself as being “anal”

I was anal about following the rules, I never broke them ever . I was the only kid in my school who’d never been grounded or even given a detention.

And that after breaking up with her cheating ex she wanted just to have fun and let loose. OMG. I was in for a ride!

When her car breaks down after hitting what I think was the oil drum under the car, a mysterious bearded stranger approaches her to give his masculine assistance.

Holy greasing Jesus, he was hot !

Something I already knew just like I could tell you his full name, but I wasn’t going to stroke his ego by letting him know that. I met and spoke to customers every day, I could have a really selective memory for all he knew.

“You okay, darlin’?” he asked, his voice a smooth deep baritone. Body shiver… another body shiver… and a full shudder that all led down to one specific place located in the southern region of my body.

The tension mounts up and they have it on – only after dissing the cheating ex again. OMG, the sex scenes are unbelievable – but as it happens with most one-night-stands where the condom is old or it breaks, there was a third person in the mix to consider now. Lily doesn’t want to even tell Taint (sorry, Tate) that she’s expecting until at least 30 years have passed. It’s only when Tate re-appears at the bar that she’s taken over that he is fully reminded of their steamy and sexy night together

That was when a waft of her perfume hit me, and I suddenly remembered a shit load more about our night together. Her mouth on my cock, my mouth on her pussy, what it tasted like, what her nipples tasted like, how she felt on the outside, felt like on the inside…

Oh, fuck. Had I used the condom from my wallet?

Thinking hard, I groaned and tipped my head back when I remembered that I had – the condom my friend had given me when I was fourteen . We’d thought we were the shit, and when he’d decided he was joining the Army when he graduated, we’d decided it was bros before hos and those were our bro-ho good luck charms.

Then all hell breaks lose when the Chris guy (the ex) is then claiming to be the father after the impromptu announcement. That poor guy – I know he’s depicted in a pretty black manner, but the only thing we hear about him is how he only stuck the tip of his penis into the affair partner and how diseased she was and by extension, how dirty his willy was (pretty unoriginal).

Lilly clarifies things and I had to chuckle a bit on how it was phrased.

Feeling guilty for being the reason that Tate had been punched twice , first by Rob and then by Chris, I’d told the po-po that my boyfriend was just protecting me and our child from my ex who was turning into a bit of a delusional stalking bunny boiler. I’d also made sure to point out to everyone that at no point had the penis attached to Chris’s body been inserted into the vagina on my own.

The fun doesn’t end here – when all have been arrested, the parents show up – some famous, some not and Tate decides to ask our girl out on a 1:1 date. Tate who is described as so hot that “on any given day made your lady garden bloom like the daisies in my garden”.

They get it on, they get along well, they are a good match and the sexual tension continues with loads of releases. Erotica is a lot better than 50 Shades Darker * EL James:

Every orgasm is awesome, but the ones I had with Tate were spectacular. That said, this one was a record breaker. The fact that I was in the process of coming, the muscles inside me spasming as he pushed into me, shot me into an orgasm I wasn’t sure I’d survive.

There was nothing, absolutely nothing, that could compare to Lily. As a person she was beautiful, loving and the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life waking up to. She was as special as she was beautiful, and I felt sorry for anyone who never got the chance to meet her in this lifetime because they were missing out. There were actually eight wonders

OMG – get married now!

As the pregnancy moves along, the characters seem to grow on you and become more and more likeable and yes, I’ll admit it, they are lovely. And Funny. And Have an amazing chemistry.

This book was lovely to read from start to finish and despite my early reluctance, I ended up laughing along and being totally into it. Well done.


Tips for Pregnancy from Tate

Would it have a penis or a vagina already?

– there wouldn’t be anything on the a high-powered microscope scan thingy so we could take a look at its crotch in two weeks, but sadly that was a no.

When could we find out what gender it was?

The advice was that you’d likely get the right answer (if the technician knew what the hell they were doing, which judging by some of the stories on parenting groups quite a few hadn’t) if you waited until at least eighteen to twenty weeks into the pregnancy. Bummer! There was a site that outlined home methods of finding out the gender, like boiling red cabbage and mixing it with Lily’s pee. If it turned pink, it was a girl. If it turned purple, it was a boy. This made me panic slightly because what if it was between pink and purple, then what? What shade of purple were we talking here? Then there was a baking soda test where you add some to the pee.

There was one that Lily could do tomorrow where you put a key down, and if she picks up the narrow end, it’s a girl. If she picks up the big round end, it’s a boy. I had keys with me and Lily had keys, so no matter what we could totally do that.

There was one that caught my eye and had me sitting on the edge of the bed with my feet on the floor, ready to get up once I’d finished reading it. The age of the mother added onto the year of conception test.

When would it start talking, and would it drown inside her if it hiccupped?

From The Internet of Things: Quite simply, baby hiccups in the womb are the little movements baby’s diaphragm makes when they begin to practice breathing. As baby inhales, amniotic fluid enters their lungs, causing their developing diaphragm to contract. The result? A tiny case of the hiccups in utero. When baby hiccups in the womb, several developmental milestones are occurring—indications that they’re on track to make their grand entrance into the world in just a few short months.

Could a fetus sneeze or fart? Where did the air go if it did?

From the Internet of Things: would have to say that “crying” and “sneezing” in the same way that breathing people do it, is impossible for a fetus it may be that they might have the same muscle response as a sneeze, but no air, lungs not inflated, no “sneeze”.



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