Embers: An Inferno Conclusion * Olson, Yolanda

Here’s another short I received from one of our readers. The mini synopsis indicated I’d be in some trouble as it related to a series I’ve never read before.

This is the conclusion to the Inferno series. It is highly advised to read Inferno, Cinere, and Sparks first.

How about no.

I’ll see how the writing is in this one and if I like it, I’ll go and purchase the other three books in the series.

Considering the conclusion was delivered in a 95 page booklet, I have a feeling that Yolanda likes to serialise things to death, much to my chagrin as I prefer thick novels that I purchase once and not a novel split in 3 with a cliffhanger and a conclusion to be delivered in another book, again, for money.

OK, that’s my rant out of the way, let’s see if this book is any good.

Dad’s body goes stiff before he leans back into the kitchen, walks over to me, and slaps me hard across the face. Tears sting my eyes, but I won’t let them fall because that’s what he wants. His cruelty has grown with his age and when he’s not making me sleep in his bed with him, he’s usually being malicious in other ways. There’s only a small sliver of time that he’s ever gentle anymore, and those are the times I cherish the most.

That’s how it always starts with him though. At first, he treated me like I was gold—the most precious jewel in his crown of deviance, and then I was treated like a burden. Even after the first time he held my body close to his, kissing me in a way, that even then I knew, a father should never kiss his child. But when he finally had broken me in to his liking, he lost interest in me … until I was able to give him children.

He’s my father. He gave me three beautiful children. No matter how much of a monster he seems to be, I love him with all of my heart.

I let out a loud moan as I spill my seed into her, hoping that maybe this time, it’ll stick. I want nothing more than to be a father since I saw what kind of man Dad became. He loved Mom unconditionally and I can’t wait to feel that for Skylar. For now, she’s just my sister and my lover, but I want her to be so much more. I want her to be my wife, the mother of my children, the hope for the Greene family name.

This book must have been the most vomit-inducing incest abuse novellete I have ever read. And I’ve read Flowers in the Attic * Book 1 * V.C. Andrews

The woman who narrates the first part of the story is stuck in an abusive household, where her father continually sexually assaults her and breeds with her. She knows it shouldn’t be like that but she makes no moves to escape as he beats her, her children and at one point even takes her children away. It’s hard to break the cycle of abuse but man, please, don’t write fiction like this. It’s page after page of stomach turning and gut clenching puss which made me want to wash my eyes and never put my hands on the other books in the series.

I can’t recommend it and I can’t understand the praise these books got. Why? Oh why? If I could give this drovel 0.5 points, I would.

Here’s one for the burn pile:


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