Mr. July: An MMA Sports Romance (Calendar Boys Book 7) * Nicole S. Goodin

Hudson Scott. Nicknamed ‘The Horror’. Champion MMA fighter. … And caught up in an off-limits woman.

Ramsey Ashton. Queasy around blood. Pink haired beauty. … And crushing on her brother’s best friend.

Hudson’s head has always been firmly inside the cage, until he sets eyes on the woman he’s sworn not to touch.
Ramsey has never been interested in the fight scene, but when she meets Hudson, she finds herself inexplicably drawn into his world.

Hudson wants what he can’t have. Ramsey wants to protect her heart.

With everything up against them, will this be one fight that Hudson isn’t strong enough to win?

Oh God Forbid I’ll read yet another free novel featuring an uber-masculine mascot on the front cover and a tale of unrequited love that would make any woman’s eyelids flutter.


My gaze catches on the pink hair of the beautiful woman again, my arms raised in victory as I do a slow spin of the arena from the centre of the cage. The crowd is normally nothing but a blur, but with a face like that, it’s no wonder she stood out. Everyone in the room is going crazy, screaming my name, stomping their feet against the hard floor and clapping their hands – celebrating the victory with me. Considering I beat the shit out of other dudes for a living, I’m this place’s golden boy.


He’s got this edge to him that’s utterly frightening… a menacing look in his eye or something. He looks like a guy you do not want to fuck with, but beyond that, he’s sexy as hell – body toned to perfection, handsome, chiselled features, sexy hair shaved close on the sides, and floppy on the top… and don’t even get me started on that tattoo. And he’s my brother’s best friend, which I’m sure means he’s off limits, probably even for looking at.

Them together:

She’s back standing between my legs – in a position that is far too tempting to wrap her in my arms and kiss her. She sees past the tough exterior to the man inside, and when she looks at me like that, it’s easy to believe she likes what she sees.


I lean in, my intention to brush my lips against hers, but she deepens the kiss, gripping my shirt in her fist as she tugs me closer. She bites down on my bottom lip and sucks it into her mouth. My dick jumps.

Eh, it was an interesting hour spent reading this. On a scale of 1 – 10, this is around a 2 on entertainment, with way too many on the forehead kisses and a lot of platonical distance which is hypocritical thinking where these two come from and what they want to do is fairly obvious from the first 2 minutes. But hey, a man’s gotta work a little if he wants the goodies, no?

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