This Much Is True * Anna Albo

Emma has everything she wants. Good friends, family who loves her and the boyfriend of her dreams. She’s also finally rid nemesis Bianca Smythe from her life.

But life is full of twists and turns. The first is a phone call from her mother, the one who abandoned her twenty years ago. Suddenly she wants a relationship, to patch things up with the daughter she dumped. Will Emma let her in to her now happy life?

The second is a chance encounter with Bianca in the school library. Their conversation will plant seeds of doubt about the only man Emma’s ever loved. Could Bianca be telling the truth? And if she is, will Emma ever be able to forgive Zach?

It was ok and I liked it but I’m no longer invested. I started tuning out when Emma was talking about food prep and future plans together.

As I finished making dinner, the guys hovered around the kitchen. I hadn’t made anything too exciting, just pork chops with artichoke hearts and a celery root and potato gratin. I had a light salad to go with the meal. I insisted on working alone. Prepping food gave me comfort. I reveled in it. I could spend hours in the kitchen, playing around with ingredients, making new sauces, experimenting on an unsuspecting Zach. I loved it and that’s why the subject of culinary school kept coming up. Zach was going away to law school the following September; the only problem was which Ivy League school. And I had at least another year before I’d finish my psych degree.

The book continues with the lives of Emma and Zach attending uni and living together. Gotta admit I didn’t love them not being together for most of the book. We find out what the evidence is that Zach has been holding over Bianca all this time, and it’s not great, and causes a Hugh rift between the two.

Then there’s a lot of doubt and shitty mistakes make by Zach. It kinda made me lose faith in him a bit.

They should have talked earlier, the need better communication.I have a feeling the second part of this book will have a few of the same type of issues, there was definitely some heavy hinting at Emma losing track of her dreams to support Zach and his political career. Oh, and they get engaged.

He took my hand and slipped the ring on my trembling finger. “I knew I had to get you a practical ring. If I got some big rock, you’d never wear it. And maybe later, you’ll let me get you something extravagant.” The diamond was huge. Bigger than anything I’d seen before. What was his definition of a big rock? “I love it. I can’t believe this.” “I want you to know just how much I love you.” “I love you too,” I said, staring down at the ring again. “But we can’t get married right away. I want us both to finish school first.”

Overall this book wasn’t bad, but I don’t think I’ll read the next book. I bet it’s with them two having kids..

“Good. I want kids too. Not right away. Not any time soon. We have dreams to pursue first.” “I guess I better start practicing how to be a politician’s wife. Maybe your mom can train me on that too?”

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