MADe * Viola Grace

She died a hero.

She has been remade to do it for a living. Venda was having a nice lunch with a friend when her life took a wrong turn. She and her friend were held hostage, and when the payoff didn’t arrive in time, she put herself between her friend and harm. Dying wasn’t pleasant, but waking up in a mainframe took some getting used to. Venda uses her connection to the data stream to learn how she died and who was responsible. Once that little task was accomplished, she set out to gain revenge on the ones who had killed her in such a vile and public manner. Her little revenge adventures gain attention, and soon, there are members of the cluster hero teams standing in front of her mainframe, asking if she would like a pardon in exchange for a little light espionage. How can she resist? She can have a body again if she joins Team Eight.

So I got this book as a pressie from one of my followers. Team Eight: Origins Book 1. Interesting. 45 pages long including title and acks. Interesting. I can’t even call this a book – it’s more like a short story in the fiction category. There are other stories too. Interesting. I sure hope it’s good, I thought as I started reading.

With Team Eight, everything got better with every mission.

I’m not sure what to think of this book. It’s heavy on the sci-fi section and I really like that BUT none of the characters are memorable or have anything to define them as 3d people.

Viola is interacting with everything carrying a grin and yes, it’s action-packed to a point. I lost the plot about mid-way through and I couldn’t tell you even under torture who  is doing what and what is happening.

Solid 1/5.

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