The Objection: A Read Me Romance Novella * Renshaw, Winter

The night before her million-dollar wedding to steel magnate Dorian Hawthorne III, Olivia Peretti meets a handsome stranger in her hotel bar who quells her cold feet and assures her all will be fine. And all is fine … until the following day—when that same stranger shows up at the ceremony with the sole intention of objecting. And his reason? It’s one that Olivia never could have anticipated.

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For a second, I lose track of real life and get lost in his amber-and-green gaze, and then I shake myself out of it. He’s nothing but a distraction—a break from the thoughts and doubts that have been swirling and ruminating in my head all week

The man’s gaze lands on my knee, which I realize is bouncing . I must look like a nervous wreck . Or a hot mess . Probably both.

Welcome to a book which perfectly describes what it feels to get cold feet before a seven-digit wedding. Olivia meets Gabriel in a bar just before her big wedding and instead of happily chatting about her soon to be marvelous wedding, she finds the courage to talk about the doubts before it all.

“When I think of my future … for the craziest reason … I can never picture my fiancé in it,” I say. “I try and I try. And I try some more. But it’s like my mind refuses .”

This reveal comes in front of a total stranger. The revelation is that he is rich and she is mid-class working as a dental hygienist. What seems to be every woman’s dream – to be in a relationship where the partner can wisk her away to exotic vacations – seems like a dreaded memory for Olivia. It seems that her future husband is using his wealth to slowly change her.

The man upgraded more things than I can begin to remember. Little things, like the kind of watches I wore to the brand of moisturizers I used . I can’t remember the last time I vacationed in Myrtle Beach with my friends—any time I had vacation days to burn, he hijacked my plans and whisked me off to exotic and exclusive locations I’d have never been able to afford on my dental hygienist salary.

I was Jane-nobody and he was this charming and dapper gentleman who wooed me with his dimpled smile, stimulating conversation, and the promise of showing me the world . It was exciting. And fresh. And an escape from my Groundhog Day existence at the time.

Sounds to me like they have some sort of a financial imbalance and instead of talking it out like actual partners, Olivia is unloading all her worries on the first stranger she meets.

“I think the fact that you’re sitting in a bar the night before your wedding, drinking alone and seriously questioning whether or not you should do this, is indicative of more than a case of cold feet

Which is the case. The cold feet don’t seem unwarranted as Olivia’s soon to be husband is caught cheating with a brunette just a little bit later by the same stranger she met at the bar. He snaps a picture of the two before he leaves, just in case it will be later needed as evidence, as he’s a divorce lawyer.

He doesn’t deserve her . And while I’m not normally in the habit of injecting myself into other people’s business unless they’re paying me by the hour … I’d make an exception for Olivia because five years ago, I’d have given anything for someone to have warned me before I made a fool of myself .

Next day is the wedding and he objects right before the priests finishes the officiation. Olivia follows Gabriel out of the room just to find out that the mistress is no other than her best maid.

I think of Elizabeth and the mystery man at work she’s been pining after the last couple of years, the one who’s always “unavailable” and “refuses to commit .”

At this point I was kinda invested to know what will happen next and seeing that the book is only 45 pages long in total, I decided to stick through it and see where it ends up.

“Why couldn’t I have met you all those years ago?” she asks, peering at me through long lashes. “Or at least someone like you … someone real, someone honest, someone who cares about doing the right thing.” Olivia exhales. “All those years. Wasted

The sadness doesn’t last that long until Olivia really calls it quits with her ex fiance and soon jumps into bed with sexy Gabriel.

Made me smile a little 🙂

The End.


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