#MeantToBe: A #BestFriendsForever Companion Novel * Vargas, Yesenia

If Adam learned anything in high school, it’s that he can’t spend another four years waiting for someone who will never feel the same way about him.

No one will ever compare to the girl he still can’t forget about, and Adam’s not sure there’s anyone else out there for him.

Will Adam miss out on the girl because he’s closed himself off for good? And if he can open up his heart to someone new, will it once again be for nothing?

Brooklyn has been with her boyfriend for three years, but he’s no longer the sweet guy she fell in love with. She doesn’t know what she fears more: staying in a toxic relationship or over. Should Brooklyn give her boyfriend another chance and figure things out? Or make a choice that will turn her life upside down?

This is a clean new adult/college romance. It is a companion story to the #BestFriendsForever series and can be read as a standalone.


The book made it sound like a lovely college romance but what you get is a slap on the face with a NiceGuy novel. It becomes easily apparent that Adam is pining for Sara who already has a girlfriend. Sara sounds pushy and stomps all over Adam’s boundaries and tries to set him up with one of her girls at a party (to probably get Adam off her back).

Sara leaned in toward me, shouting over the loud music. “This is Jessica. I met her a few minutes ago, and I thought maybe you could ask her to dance.” I looked at her and then glanced at this girl, Jessica. I shook my head no, but she leaned into my ear again. “Come on, Adam. Stop being such a party pooper.”

Biting my lip, I tried not to think about how close she was to me. And how I wished she was my girl, not Brian’s. I glanced at this Jessica girl again, and she came up to my ear on the opposite side. Somehow, she didn’t have the same effect on me. “Don’t worry. I don’t bite,” she said. But it wasn’t that I was worried about. Her breath reeked, and I did not want to deal with that.

“Sorry, I have an early day tomorrow,” I replied.

He still goes on to dance with this woman who he obviously doesn’t like due to her bad breath and somehow 5 minutes later they are outside making out. I was just looking up at the text and trying to figure out whether the author meant to push this situation instead of letting things develop organically and my dislike for the main characters increased 10-fold as I was just approaching the 2% mark of the book on my reader.

I was still in love with my best friend, and she’d never be mine.

The NiceGuy and Incel vibes continue as he now focuses his attention to a new girl, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn’s boyfriend reminded me of those guys back in high school. The jocks who got the girl and had a nice car and didn’t pay for it. The kind of guys who thought they were better than you, but really, they just happened to come from money. I wasn’t really like that.

He approaches her and tries to “White Knight” her:

I paused to offer to walk her to her dorm. It was the right thing to do considering how dark and desolate it was out there. Plus her dorm building was still another block in the opposite direction.

Reading on, Adam just seems to be ticking every box in the NiceGuy trope. White Knight ticked too. I was just wondering whether this is the “toxic” relationship description the author mentioned in the first part of the introduction.

The White Knight Syndrome is also called the Hero Syndrome. People having this syndrome usually identify themselves as rescuers. Most often, when people come across this syndrome, they always think it to be something negative, like a disease, disorder, or an ailment. But, it is not so. This syndrome is very common with ‘nice guys’, and it is usually pertaining to their love life.

From https://psychologenie.com/white-knight-syndrome-explained

Vital Signs of White Knight Syndrome Explained With Examples

I had friends with Sara for years before I’d even told her how I felt. With Brooklyn, it had been completely different. I had fallen fast. And I had taken a chance on her. That was what hurt the most. That she couldn’t even tell me herself that we’d never had a chance.

Adam goes down the hole of relationship red flags further in the novel by showing that he has a habit of moving from one attention victim to another, falling head over heels (all one sided) and then getting upset when his “patos” is not reciprocated.

 A guy who’s moving too fast often has less than pleasant reasons for doing so. Maybe he’s actually scared of intimacy and is using you as his crash-test dummy for a real relationship, or maybe he gets attached too easily. https://www.glamour.com/story/never-ignore-these-10-red-flags

The relationship drama continues and I felt like barfing when reading some of the saccharine stuff towards the end. This book is definitely not #meanttobe for me.


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