A Bounty of Love (Love Between the Stars Book 1) * Willow Walker


In another time, in a galaxy on the far side of another universe, you can find love between the stars. Yeva Hawthorne is a bounty hunter looking to fill a bank account with 20 million credits to repay a debt. Tobias Hawk is also a bounty hunter and he is going after money to fund a secret he has kept for over a decade. They are going after the same bounty and things are about to get tricky.

The view of her favorite nebula, the Lovers, took up the entire width of her cockpit window. Its red, green, and yellow gas clouds forming the shape that the early explorers of the galaxy had seen as two people in an embrace.

I caught this book in my romance folder – had a free Kindle Edition from Amazon and I decided to give it a go.

Short and sweet, the story focuses on Yeva as she navigates a maze with Tobias Hawk (what a name!).

The words were written in Uuet like the inscription above the main entrance had been.

Two each, though apart, together paired From now Until then Joined again. Walk softly Life grows Where death Is afraid. Speak truth Where lies Are broken.

“It requires two people,” Yeva said in disbelief.

“I thought as much,” Tobias said and buried his face in his hands.

“You knew?” “When I first came here, nothing happened, I found a couple pressure plates, but most of them were inactive, and I thought that I would probably need a second person.”

She has a ..”thing” she needs to buy (words from the book) and she is developing a steady crush on Tobias:

He smiled at her, and there was a deep kindness in his brown eyes. She felt her heart thump uncomfortably and quickly looked away. She was not having a crush. She was NOT having a crush.

Or maybe not having a crush. They sleep next to each other, he opens up about his childhood in the orphanage. There’s a strong attraction going on.

In a single movement, she opened the last button and ran her hands up his bare chest and pushed the shoulders of his shirt off and loose. He braced himself with one hand, his lips never leaving her skin and shook the shirt off and haphazardly threw it into the dark. His hand free, he placed it on her stomach and ran his fingers under the hem of her shirt. His hand walked its way up until he was cupping her left breast over the cup of her bra. His thumb traced the line of soft skin under the edges of the cup. Her fingers started to work at the band of his pants from his hips to the button at the center of his stomach. He didn’t wait for her to finish and yanked off his pants. He lifted one leg and then the other and straddled her over the bed. He reached down and started to pull the edge of her shirt up. She stopped her own explorations and lifted herself up on her elbows to allow the hem of her shirt to be pushed up until he exposed her bra, and then lifted her arms up to let her shirt follow his into the dark of the room. She cupped his jaw with her fingers and pressed kisses to his lips while his hands pressed lightly between the bed and her warm skin and worked at the clasp of her bra strap. […] Now it was just light, and beautiful, and a moment shared between two humans in an embrace. It reminded her of her favorite nebula, the one that she had been parked in front of when she had found this bounty. She loved it.

They retrieve the bounty by delivering an old necklace to an alien and then they go on more adventures together.



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