The Amityville Horror House: Then and Now

The Amityville Horror house is one of the most notorious houses in America. The house’s wicked history began in 1974 when Ronald Defeo Jr. murdered 6 family members in the middle of an autumn night. After being convicted of 6 counts of second degree murder, Ronald Defeo Jr., the only remaining member of the Defeo family, was sent upstate to prison. The uninhabited house was put up for sale in 1975, and was sold to the Lutz family that very same year.

On the market: ‘The Amityville Horror’ director Stuart Rosenberg James Brolin with actress Margot Kidder in front of the ‘Amityville’ house up for sale

The Lutz family moved into the house just a couple days before christmas of 1975. According to the Lutzes, they began experiencing paranormal activity within just hours of their arrival. The activity’s frequency and magnitude only continued to escalate. After only 28 days, the Lutzes nightmarish experience had reached a climax, and the family was forced to flee the house.

After retreating from Amityville, the Lutzes shared their story with author, Jay Anson. Anson then wrote The Amityville Horror, a nonfiction book that conveyed the horrific experiences described by the Lutz family. The book quickly became a bestseller, and the Amityville Horror story became a pop-culture phenomenon. There have since been 9 Amityville Horror films, and dozens of books written on the subject.

The Amityville Horror House: Today

To this day, experts are still debating the legitimacy of what actually happened during those 28 days. However, this hasn’t suppressed the public’s interest in the Amityville story. Here on Long Island –the island where the Village of Amityville is located– there’s recently been a fair amount of media attention on the current status of the legendary house.

The Amityville house is currently on the real estate market. In many ways, the house is quite different than it was in the mid-1970s. The house has been remodeled several times; it no longer has those two quarter-circle windows, which looked like a pair of eyes, on the top floor. As you can see in the pictures (below), the house is currently quite lavish. The only thing about the house that has stood the test of time is the body of land it rests on.

The Amityville house’s address has also been changed through the years. The address (the house number) was changed in an effort to deter curious sightseers. The address was originally 112 Ocean Ave., but is now 108 Ocean Ave.

Recent Ownership History
  • In 1977, James Cromarty purchased the house. The house had gone into foreclosure after the Lutzes took off.
  • In 1987, Peter and Jeanne O’Neill purchased the house from Cromarty.
  • In 1997, Brian Wilson, the current owner, purchased the house from the O’Neill’s for $310,000.
  • In May of 2010, the house was put up for sale by Wilson. The house is currently listed at $1,150,000.
  • In Oct 2012, the owners have put it back on the market with a dropped asking price of $955,000, insisting it is because they are getting divorced and not because it is haunted.
Recent Photos of the House:


It’s common knowledge that the Amityville house is no longer haunted. However, that knowledge hasn’t stopped the thousands of sightseers who pass by the house every year. There’s not too much they can do on Halloween, though; Ocean Ave. becomes Times Square for the evening.

The irony, however, is that most Long Islanders don’t know where the house is located on Ocean avenue. There’s a house that looks like the house from the movies (i.e. it has the iconic eye-like windows), but it’s not actually the house. That goes to show just how much the house’s appearance has changed throughout the years.

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