Moonlight Mile – The Dialogue that moved me

You think if you just run around fast enough, figure out what everyone wants, no one’s gonna notice what a coward you are?

Are you that scared?

You think I don’t know that you’re never gonna make room in your life for someone who wants to know you better than 60 lousy percent? It’s the last 40 that counts.

You just tell me what to say, I swear I’ll try, but if you want her, you got to keep it honest.
You have to understand that Diana had this thing, this way of bringing out the real in people, not just the best, you know — their honesty. And I guess she’s doing it again now, ’cause there’s no way that I would be sitting here saying these things I can’t believe are coming out of my mouth.

It was Diana who finally had the courage. She was the one who told me that I didn’t want to go through with it.
And I guess she’s — she’s doing it again, cause all this — all of this is everything that she wouldn’t want.

She wasn’t a bride-to-be. She wasn’t a victim.
She was strong and real and messed up and wickedly honest, just like her mother.

And if I sit here trying to paint it any other way, I…
Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just — I thought —
I thought that if I could just… Paint the pictures that you needed, you know, that… That somehow…
That somehow you’d bring these people some peace, finally, and they’d have their daughter back, or…
But, that’s not how she’d want to be.
The truth is hard.
Sometimes it looks so wrong, you know — the color’s off, the style’s wrong, but I guess it — I guess it’s where the good ones live.

You asked me before where I went.
And I want to tell you. I went to a place where nothing’s right, where every word hurts, every moment’s backwards, every sky’s without color, without hope.
I tried to come back, bertie. But I got lost.

the summer had inhaled and held its breath too long *

and while I was gone, I met you.

the winter looked the same as if it never had gone *

and I didn’t even have the courage to realize I was home.

and through an open window where no curtain hung *

a wise friend of mine told me, “we all have our homes.”
And now I know it’s true.

I saw you

I hope you get this letter, bertie.

I saw you

I figure I got 75 chances.

comin’ back to me

’cause if you do, you’ll know that in the end, that’s where I was.

small things like reasons are put in a jar *

I found home, bertie.

whatever happened to wishes wished on a star? *

I found you.

was it just something that I made up for fun? *

I hope you can find yours soon.

I saw you

get there — as fast as you can.

I saw you

and write me when you do.

comin’ back to me

love, Joe.

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