Advice on managing extended periods away from the World

Here’s a few tips for people who are currently self-isolating:

  1. Hold fast to whatever is waiting for you on the other side. It doesn’t matter it feels foolish, or whether there is certainty of it happening exactly as you plan in the end. Hope can deliver us from the darkest of days.
  2. Be goofy AF. Crack jokes. Be odd. Let your mind wander when it needs to. You need to let that pent up energy out often. Channel it into whatever creative nonsense you can think of.
  3. Food is fuel. Eat what you need, but ration the good stuff. You’ll need the good rewarding pick-me-ups spaced out in time.
  4. Make a time-keeping record / log. Put all your thoughts, poems, songs, rants, etc in it. Bonus if you can collaborate on it with others.
  5. Share your thoughts with others and commiserate often. We are all in the suck, and it doesn’t matter how much worse anyone has it. Your feelings are valid, and need acknowledgement.
  6. Write letters to loved ones, and record videos for them to watch (and facetime now that that tech is available). I always felt special when someone went to the trouble of making something like that for me, and letting me know they care. And I felt good making them too.
  7. Have a project. Something long term that you have to work on gradually. Education, making, hobby, art, etc.
  8. Make and share playlists for your various moods, and embrace the moods you feel fully. Get all the joy, rage, pain, and everything out. Scream if you need to. Don’t worry about looking crazy, because the World is crazy, and we are a reflection of it.
  9. Get to know people that you would never talk to in your normal routine. They will change your life.
  10. Reward your accomplishments. Because you are a survivor, thrill hunter, a champion, and a badass.
  11. Be a dick as little as possible, and share whatever you can.

Monotony is murder. More:

  1. If you got video games, play them. Play them all. Feeling like you are exploring that world will help when you can’t go explore your own world anymore.
  2. Stop struggling. Yes this sucks, however reminding yourself constantly that it sucks is only going to make it suck more. As another comment said. Settle in.
  3. Make entertainment out of even the smallest things. Got a dial lock laying around? See if you can get it to open without knowing the combo. Got a tie? Look up some tie knots and start practicing.
  4. Socializing online is important as hell. If its in a video game, in an online platform like DnD, or even just calling a friend on Facebook.
  5. If you have substances, forget them. Drinking or smoking when you are bored is gonna turn into something you don’t like.
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