The Fall of the Governor, Part 1 by Robert Kirkman Author · Fred Berman Narrator

The third book in Robert Kirkman’s New York Times bestselling series, The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor!

The Walking Dead original novel series, set in Robert Kirkman’s iconic universe, continues with The Fall of the Governor. From co-authors Kirkman, creator of the Eisner Award-winning comic book and executive producer of AMC’s blockbuster TV series, and Jay Bonansinga, Stoker Award-finalist and internationally acclaimed author, comes the gripping third novel in this richly woven, page-turning literary saga, which began with The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor.

In Rise of the Governor, uber-villain Philip Blake journeyed from his humble beginnings directly into the dark heart of the zombie apocalypse, and became the self-proclaimed leader of a small town called Woodbury. In The Road to Woodbury, an innocent traveler named Lilly Caul wound up in the terrifying thrall of Phillip Blake’s twisted, violent dictatorship within Woodbury’s ever tightening barricades.

And now, in The Fall of the Governor, the Governor’s complex story continues in a tour de force of action and horror. Iconic characters from the comic book, including Rick, Michonne and Glenn, finally make their entrance onto this nightmarish stage, and fans of The Walking Dead will see these characters in a whole new light.


The Story

I don’t know how a book about zombies and gore can be even scarier and more frightening than the first two installments. Even more brutal than the TV show. We all know that Rick and Michonne and Glenn got captured and got shut into some containers. What the TV show fails to mention is that Rick escaped and Michonne was savagely and repeatedly raped for hours by The Governor. I had the audio-book version playing on the way to work and my eyes were like saucers. They never showed that in the TV series! probably due to rape having a bad rep when it comes to viewings.

When Michonne finally escapes, she spends some sweet time torturing the Governor – chopping off limbs, scooping out eyes, putting a freaking spoon in his rectum and spinning it and pulling it back out and repeatedly stomping on his head and breaking his jaw.

“As the Lady from Borneo digs out his eyeball, the thing eventually uncorks from its socket.”

I just wanted her to kill him and get it done with – Rape is bad but so is hours upon hours upon hours of torture. I mean she even cuts off his willy – but only after it half ripped when it was glued to the table and he jerked when she chopped off his arm.



So half the story is all about The Governor – we see the city he built, the arena games where “warriors” are set against zombies in a deadly match. There is a scene where he enters his apartment, where his undead niece Penny tries to attack him. He slaps her, and realizes her bucket of food rolled out of her reach. He brings it back to her, and when she doesn’t like it because the body parts have spoiled. The Governor remarks that he doesn’t see how she eats it, and that he tried it once and it was horrible. I was like ewwww!


The second story in this book covers Austin and Lilly and how they get together in this terrible world. When Lilly finds out she’s pregnant, they both decide to keep the baby and even convert a room in the apartment in a baby room. They are hopeful about the future and about what the Governor can secure them. The story is calm, peaceful and offers interlude filled with love. It offsets the somehow grimier tones of the other part of this book and makes it quite enjoyable.

Solid 4/5




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