Constantin Chirita – Ingerul Alb (The white angel)

Ingerul alb (The White Angel) is the third of a series of 3 detective novels, comprising the “White trilogy” (aka Trilogia in alb). The novels were initially published separately, between 1964-1969.

I started picking up a series of books that my parents used to read and I ran across a book by a Romanian author known for his murder-mystery style.

Set on board of a cruise ship, there is a lot of intrigue going on, a lot of possibilities and when the guests get paid 10k to attend, you know that the perpetrator is someone who’s out for revenge.

The usual occur – who did it, when and why?

Written in 1969, it has a bit of Agatha to it, a bit of contemporary drama but fails short to engage in real-time scenario.

1/5, burn pile.

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