The truth hunter (Der Wahrheitsjäger: Andere richtig einschätzen)

Assess others correctly – see through lies – use insights
A top investigator reveals his best methods

How often have people unknowingly given out information about themselves (not only on the internet). People need to be equipped with a danger-radar that will enable them to detect which people to trust.

How to unmask people who want to harm you

Tamer Bakiner is an investigator, business investigator. One of the best. Over the years, he has seen a thousand times how people are duped or make gross mistakes out of ignorance. And above all, they don’t know how to protect themselves. From fraud, rip-off, bullying, false friends, emotional entanglements. In his Spiegel bestseller, Bakiner talks about his most spectacular cases, shows when we should pay attention and which tricks people use that we are not comfortable with.

All too often, they have an easy job: We subconsciously keep revealing valuable information about ourselves. But that need not be. Tamer Bakiner has developed a hazard radar, a type of early warning system that enables us to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations in good time. Those who have learned to see the world through the eyes of a detective are armed against manipulation and know who to trust. And he can defend himself!


Quite short read but still good enough to recommend to others.

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