Life regrets of 100+ year olds.

I watched this really nice documentary and I was surprised how clear-minded these elderly people are. A bit frail, their skin looking like parchment paper, their eyes sometimes clouded but their voice is strong.

I think the secret of a long-lived life is being surrounded by people, socialising, shopping, following your desires.

“I have beautiful memories, you know…”

So it got me thinking.

What type of things do people have on their bucket lists?

A good bucket list is balanced. There should be items on the list that are easy to accomplish as you grow from a child to an adult. Such as getting a full-time job and paying your own rent.

  • Climbing mountains
  • Flying
  • Shopping
  • Travel (backpacking through Europe is high on many people’s lists)
  • See the Dead Sea and the Holy Lands
  • Go on a safari
  • Go to Disneyland (Paris is the closest to me)
  • Learn a new skill like skying or Karate
  • Get Married and have children
  • Don’t regret anything you’ve done.
  • Become a millionaire
  • Be independent

“If I failed at making a cake, I called it a pudding.”

And remember that living in warm relationships actually expands your life span

Have a look at and let me know which ones are your top 10.


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