Fate’s Forsaken – Poison (Prequel)

Years before the Whispering War, there was a girl named Olivia. Her family murdered, her home destroyed — a darkness she can’t control. Olivia has never quite fit in amongst the lords and ladies of the seas… but things are about to get worse. Forced into the service of a powerful enemy, she must use her gifts to kill.

The darkness grows fiercer with every step; each murder drags her closer to edge of villainy. Only one force in the Kingdom might have the power to save her, but she knows it’s too late. Olivia has already fallen to the darkness — into the jaws of a monster she calls The Poison.

Poisoncover.jpgA black veil cloaked the Grandforest. It hung from the under edges of the trees and draped thickly over the bare earthen bottom of the woods.

The story starts as a military convoy goes through a forest. The ground is littered with dead people but some of them appear to be alive but unable to move.

“It’s just a bit of bandit poison, lad — nothing to worry about. You’ll be back on your feet by midday tomorrow.”

Just when they were about to leave they spot Olivia,

She was perhaps no older than eight, with skin that was sun-scored but not nearly as dark as the bandits’. There were leaves tangled amongst her curls — curls that flowed in messy waves of gold and brown. Her dress was made of animal skins and delicate bone hooks adorned her ears.

Given the options of either taking the little girl in as a ward or seeing her burnt on the stake, Basset firmly decides for saving the little girl’s life.

This decision might come back to bite him as Olivia gets older but she cannot forget the death and destruction brought upon her people by the people who adopted her and she decides to use Poison to make herself known.

It was an OK book, quite short, 3/5.

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