Zero G by Dan Wells Book Review

I had the book in my audiobook library and it came as a freebie so I had my expectations on low and under.

I was blown away with the acting, the smart way of introducing interesting concepts to children and for actually making you think for a while. If you’ve seen the movie “Passengers” with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, the premise of this book is quite similar. A passenger wakes up from cryo sleep during a long-haul colonisation mission. The passenger is only a boy though and through his questions and explorations, we find out a few cool facts about space and also have the opportunity to embark in a good adventure.

Feel the excitement!

Length: 4 h 8 min

The Story

Space_Kid_NOOOO.pngZero and his family are flying to a Japanese sounding planet system, along with 20,000 other people. The journey is bound to take at least a hundred years but something goes wrong and Zero awakes in his sleeping gel. Once he’s up and he had a bite from the re-hydrated burgers, he befriends the navigational system who seems to have suffered from a few faults recently – memory losses caused by someone trying to hack into the mainframe.

Pretty soon there are 5 space pirates accosting the presumably empty ship and they shut down the navigation system in order to re-route it to their hideout.

Zero is the only one available to stop the space pirates (any attempts to wake anyone else from their deep slumber can result in death – they should have included this awesome clause in “Passengers“)

The entire ship is then transformed into a space “Home Alone” and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Can be listened from ages 6+.

Best Parts:

  • It explains why you should never get to a stop away from any surface in zero gravity (you can’t propel yourself without pushing away from something)
  • Explains why people slow down when pushing themselves in space (the air particles in the ship act like a breaking force)
  • Tells you why you need a re-hydrator on the ship (dried up pizza is no fun)
  • It tells kids that people can also sleep vertically in space – as long as their sleeping bag is attached to the correct wall (there is no up and down in space)
  • Eating chips with ketchup in space sounds fun! The ketchup particles just float in space and he scoops them from the air

Bad parts:

  • There really are no aliens in this book! Sad face


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