The Gods Never Left Us: The Long Awaited Sequel to the Worldwide Best-seller Chariots of the Gods by von Daniken, Erich

2ef19081-1b2b-4f49-a124-d64ab3060bbb.__CR0,143,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpg50 years after Chariots of the Gods.
In 1966 I wrote my first book, Chariots of the Gods. In the introduction I stated, “Writing this book requires courage— reading it no less so. Because its hypotheses and evidence do not fit into the laboriously constructed mosaic of established conventional wisdom, scholars will put it on the list of those books which it is advisable not to talk about.” Meanwhile, 50 years have passed. My introduction from that time still stands today. The Gods Never Left Us is most definitely not a compendium of my previous works. In only very few sections do I have to cross-refer to my previous books, but only so that the reader is not left hanging. That extraterrestrials visited Earth millennia ago and influenced our forebears can be proved. But and this is the ultimate test of our knowledge—ETs are still at work today. And that concerns us all.

From the same guy who wrote the absolutely crappy book Twilight of the Gods I’ve picked up “The Gods Never Left Us” which isn’t a follow up as advertised. Because money hungry von Daniken released literally nineteen books that followed up Chariots of the Gods before getting to “Never Left Us”. And all of them are included with snippets in this book. So you don’t actually have to buy the others…

“Never Left Us” begins with a fictional story to make his point. It’s a clever device used to communicate an idea or theory. Except the theory is more an unfounded hypothesis. What he should have done was offered his best case to prove his theory fifty-years on. Instead, he assumes he’s made his case already and can now discuss it in a factional setting as if this will clarify things.


Von Daniken simply does not understand evolution. I think my eyebrows were raised to permanent full staff the entirety of chapter two where he tries to show it isn’t a complete theory but needs some “other” to fill the gaps. You gotta read this for yourself. He uses the god-of-the-gaps (or shall I say, “alien-in-the-gaps) when he doesn’t know something. How did that little beetle get the acidic defense mechanism? I don’t know; therefore, something greater than natural selection must be the cause. Sigh. And while he’s trying to convince us extra-terrestrials are responsible for meddling with human ancestor DNA to make homo-sapiens, he uses Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson’s work in Forbidden Archaeology to claim human beings could be millions of years old. Well which is it? Homo-sapiens have been here since forever, living along with the ape-like creatures and dinosaurs? Or were they the product of alien meddling with the ape-like creatures that came before?


A common theme in stories worldwide does not necessarily mean a historical event took place. Let’s examine briefly another worldwide myth, that of the world flood. There is zero, no evidence of a worldwide flood. Geologists have confirmed this. But every culture on earth has a worldwide flood myth. So, too, if every culture has a myth of sky gods, doesn’t make them true.

And what of the different forms of gods? Snakes, eagles, horse, crabs, human-like. Are we to assume numerous ET species were coming here? That’s even more improbable. Imagine what it would take for one alien race to notice this planets and travel here. Now imagine dozens of different species being so lucky. It’s so improbable as to be unthinkable. And as noted, all resemble terrestrial earth creatures. Unless we’re willing to claim ET evolution developed exactly like on earth, complete with the same creatures and numerous ones took to space travel. Preposterous.

The final chapter begins with questioning the validity of man-made climate change and then abruptly turns to discussing…gender? The concept that a biological male can psychologically identify as a female and vice versa. He makes it clear he doesn’t think this is a real phenomenon. He then abruptly goes into conspiracy-land, considering journalism dead. Of course he would, they’re not reporting favorably (or at all) on his grand idea. Then on to a quick overview of artificial intelligence and then a quick jump to how people are different and to how…I can believe I read this, how the ET is dependent on OUR diversity. And then to Gobekli Tepe and the possibility of ET drones circling the earth and so much more that doesn’t seem to have anything at all to do with proving his theory.

Please burn this book.

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