Robert A. Heinlein – No Bands Playing, No Flags Flying

This story was tailored in length (1500 words) for Colliers as a short-short.

Wars come and wars go, but the wounded we have always with us-and damned little attention they get between wars.

So this was definitely a very short story (5mins reading) about a couple of veterans who have one of their friends “konk out” during the telling of a joke. It’s too short to have anything of value in it, no character development, no moral outline, definitely no funny jokes.

You’re both wrong. Remember I defined ‘bravery’ as requiring that a man had to have a choice…and chooses to be brave in spite of his own fear. The ward surgeon had the decisions forced on him, so he is not in the running. Colonel Hostetter was an old man and blooded in battle-and he had Josephs’ example to live up to. So he doesn’t get first prize.”


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