48 Connections in Death * J.D. Robb

Why, oh, why, does this book sport 4.3 on Goodreads? It was so bad, that I wanted to push a pencil through my ear drums while listening to the audiobook. I wanted to listen to a good thriller on my way to the airport and what I got was a bunch of sexist dudes grilling a sexy and bony super detective called Eve Dallas who was married to a super rich and sexy husband that is trying to solve a murder that involved an overdose.

Book starts with a long winded description of Eve Dallas and her outfit taking part in a cocktail party (with all the other people and Eve’s thoughts described in detail). I was bored out of my mind by the end of chapter 1.

Chapter 2 shows Eve’s interactions at work and how hard she’s trying to be a hard-ass detective while being super sexy and how no-one takes her hard-ass personality serious. This chapter was no easier due to the audiobook narrator cliping.each.sentence.to.make.it.sound.hard.

I skipped ahead a few chapters without missing anything and this is when Rochelle’s brother Kyle dies of an overdose – which wasn’t just an overdose – it was … roll drums: poison. Ensue shitty detective work punctuated with what I hope was trying to be witty and fun dialogue but sounded like a cringe fest all throughout.

I was nearly finished with this book (metaphorically) when I decided to chill and tune it out and listen to the important bits.

“Lord, Give me the strength not to bitch slap this woman.”

So, the super sexy detective and her sexy husband find out there were some gangs involved, two bland scenes happen that would make some bored housewives somewhere happy and guess what – I realised who J.D. Robb was without Googling it. Nora f..king Roberts. She used to be good sometimes in the past before she started doing serialised novels starring cliched starlets.

The 48 from the title stands for the number of the novel in the series. There were 47 others before this and probably there are others after this. So the people who rated this book so highly have been long term fans and actually read the rest of the books. They knew probably more backstory to the characters and probably recognised other, more minor, characters.

For me, first time reader, it was a screaming pile of poo. 1/5


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