Dean Koontz – The Bone Farm

An audio original novella featuring bestselling author Dean Koontz’s compelling new heroine, Jane Hawk. From the case files of the former FBI agent before she became the nation’s most wanted fugitive – The Bone Farm details a desperate man-hunt for a serial killer before he murders again.

Katherine Haskell, a young college co-ed is on her way back to school, but she never makes it there. Instead, she becomes the latest prey of the rapist and murderer dubbed by the tabloids the “Mother Hater.” He is a twisted soul who kidnaps young girls for pleasure then discards them.

Katherine is missing, but she’s not yet dead. FBI agents Jane Hawk and her partner Gary Burkett must descend into the hell of this killer’s mind to solve the case before it is too late. The question is – will they both get out alive?

Audible Audio, 100 pages

The Story

Jane Hawk, generic FBI agent, investigates a serial killer who targets young women and before killing them, sends the mothers a before and after picture. Before – girls are alive, naked, tied up and scared. After, the girls are terribly brutalized, naked, dead, lying near a grave.

Two stories unfold side-by-side, one following the killer and how he came to be a killer, the other following Jane and her partner as they interview the first suspect.

The twist? The killer had a twin! It has been done before. Nothing new.

Both raised in different environments, they find each other after the mother of one goes away to the netherworld (natural causes) and they find that they love each other dearly.

They finish each other’s sentences, they have sex with the same girl and in time, they enjoy torturing and killing the same women. Consent does not play a role. They like submissive women and they use and abuse them until they get bored of them. Classic psychopaths getting off on torture and pain of helpless women.

The other timeline follows Jane who is working a missing persons case alongside her partner Gary.  They know they’re dealing with a serial killer but he keeps his victims alive for a long time before killing them so they’re desperately trying to find him before he can murder the latest young woman he has abducted.

The story was good – showing an insight into psychopathic murderous twins motives and methods BUT, the story is missing tension. You know who the killer is and you know they’re going to get caught. The ending was pretty lame too.

All in all, a decent 2/5, still better than The Crooked Staircase * Dean Koontz


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